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The 4th New Nokia 3310 Clone is launched Lafee 3310 at Rs 600



Nokia launched the new Nokia 3310 feature at MWC 2017 earlier this year. It is the revisited version of the iconic Nokia 3310. The new Nokia 3310 is, in fact, available to purchase in India as well and you can get it i retail store for as low as 3310 INR. However, at the time of the launch of the new Nokia 3310, it was predicted that there will be a ton of clone of the same. Well, yes, there are already a bunch of clones that are available in the market which you buy at a cheaper price. And today, we have yet another new clone of the Nokia 3310 and it is the new Lafee 3310.

The new Lafee 3310 looks exactly like the new Nokia 3310 which is obvious since it is a clone after all. The feature phone is available to purchase in a variety of different colors just like the new Nokia 3310. You can get the Lafee 3310 in Blue, Light Grey, Orange and Yellow color options. All the colors look identical to the original one. Talking about the specs of this feature phone, it comes with a 1.77 TFT screen on the front. This phone accepts dual SIM cards which is a good thing. It also has a VGA camera at the back, which you can use to capture images and it also has a flash.

The Lafee 3310 also accepts a microSD card which you can use to add more storage to the device. And now, talking about the price, it has been listed for 35 AED which roughly translates to about 600 INR. In comparison to the original Nokia 3310 feature phone, the price is obviously less. As mentioned earlier, the original one is priced at 3310 INR, whereas this one cost just a fraction of it. However, talking about the user experience, it is obviously not going to be anywhere close to the original one.

And as mentioned earlier, this is not the first clone which we are seeing. Previously we had also reported about the Drago 3310 which is yet another clone at is priced less. There are a bunch of other clones as well which you can buy like the one from Micromax as well. Let us know your thoughts about this.

Source – AWOK


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