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Android 8.0 is likely to be called Oatmeal Cookie, not Oreo



Android O was announced by the parent company Google at Google I/O this year. However, just like every year, we still don’t have a set name for this version of the software, and we likely won’t have one until later this year when the company will officially unveil the new Google Pixel 2 smartphones. But we do have new some reports which hint at a possible name for this new version of Android. No, it’s not Oreo, it looks like the new version of Android is likely to be called Oatmeal Cookie.

Apparently, upon examining the Android source code, it has been revealed that the next version of Android could likely be called Android Oatmeal Cookie. Several references to ‘oc-dev’ was spotted within the source code. Analysts are betting big that oc could be the oatmeal cookie and the reason behind the same is that the name Oatmeal Cookie was spotted a couple of times on several slides shown during Google I/O. The fact that Android O is called Oatmeal Cookie and not Oreo as it was predicted could be disappointing to a lot of people.

Well, there could be a lot of reasons as to why its called Oatmeal Cookie and not Oreo. It could be possible that Google and Nabisco could not settle for an agreement to use the name of the cookie. Or it is also possible that folks working on Google simply don’t like Oreo. Who knows, it is after all their software and they can name it whatever they want.

Talking about Android O, this new version of Android is expected to bring a lot of new things to the table as far as the user experience is concerned. Out of all, one of the most anticipated features is the picture-in-picture mode which will allow users to playback a video even while performing other tasks. It is also expected to bring a lot of stability to the overall user experience as a whole and we simply can’t wait to get our hands on the final build. Let us know your thoughts on the name of Android 8.0.

Source – MYCE


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