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10 Things We Know About the Re-launching Nokia 3310 Feature-Rich Phone



Nokia, the company which is known for making some of the best mobile phones, is once again in the news now since it has made its comeback announcement. Known for making some of the best sturdy mobile phones, Nokia is extremely popular even today. If you have been a part of the Nokia Family, then you would know exactly what we are talking about. All that said, it is now expected that the company is planning to relaunch one of its most popular mobile of all time, the Nokia 3310. If you haven’t heard about the Nokia 3310 phone, then you were probably living under a rock for all these years.

With Nokia expected to relaunch the legendary 3310 mobile phone, everyone is trying to understand what could the company bring to the table with this relaunch since mobile technology has evolved a lot since the time the 3310 existed. If you are wondering what is in stock for all of us then, we have something for you. Below are the list of interesting things which we think the company will bring to the table with this relaunch –

A look back into the past

The original Nokia 3310 was launched back in the year 2000, and it was very popular back in those days. It was so popular that the company sold over 126 million units of it, which is a great number considering that fact that we talking about early 2000’s here.

Affordable piece of Technology

The Nokia 3310 was priced at 59 euros when it was launched back in 2000. While 59 euro is not a lot of money today, earlier it was a huge deal. However, interestingly, it is expected that the newly relaunched variant is also expected to cost around the same price i.e. 59 euro which roughly translates to about Rs. 2000 or $30. If Nokia manages to bring it at that price, then it is surely going to sell like hot cakes.

A dive into Nostalgia

The new Nokia 3310 will bring back the iconic Snake 2 which will definitely give Candy Crush a run for its money. Although there was nothing worth appreciating about the graphics of that game, it is one of the games which you would have played if you are 90s kid. Along with that, we are also excited about the Nokia ringtone which is far better to reach out to your phone to, than what we have right now. So get ready to dive into Nostalgia!

Same old package in a new shell

While the old Nokia 3310 had a beautiful design, we are expecting certain changes here and there, by the company in terms of its design to go with some design cues of 2017. We don’t expect it to be radically different, but we do expect to see some changes. At the same time, we also expect to see the iconic handshake logo put back in place as it was, however, this will only happen if Microsoft doesn’t hold legal rights. (The Nokia 6 box does have a Handshake image, though). All that said, expect it to have the same build quality like a Tank!

Killer battery which lasts forever

One of the things which the Nokia 3310 was known for was its battery. The phone literally lasts for days and weeks on a single charge. A countless number of memes are made on this, but there is no denying that the Nokia 3310 was a winner when it comes to the battery. The new 3310 is also expected to walk the same path and last for days. It looks like we will be getting 900 mAh battery which should ideally last longer, however, since we will be getting 4G or at least 3G connectivity, we can’t expect it to last for weeks like the original one did.

The wait is over

The Nokia 3310 is expected to debut in India in the month of May along with its siblings, the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 8 which are the flagship models from the company. While we don’t have an official confirmation on the same, we do expect them to launch them here in India given the popularity in the past.

That brings us to the end of your list. We now hope that you know what to expect from the upcoming EPIC relaunch of the phone. We want to know what do you think about the whole relaunch idea of the legendary Nokia 3310 mobile phone and what are your expectations from the phone. Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to share this with your friends as to let them know what’s coming. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for info on this.


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