Convert your Android Smartphone into a Laptop with SuperBook, Back Now at just $99

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When was the last time you felt that your Smartphone was more powerful than your personal computer? The last time we covered about the 6GB RAM Smartphones, there were many users reporting that their computers had lower RAM than those phones. Today we found a fascinating project that makes use of your Smartphones power in the form of a Laptop that’s just available at $99. Confused? Well, its a simple concept here. Your phone would be the heart & the brain of the computer, while it just has its battery and the display.

This is brilliant because this is something that we should have seen years back when the mobile phones started becoming powerful. Nonetheless, this project is going to launch on Kickstarter, which is where the developers are looking to crowdsource the money to bring the project into the backers hands.

Let us take a look at the Specifications:

  • Works with all modern Android devices (Type C and Micro-USB compatible)
  • 11.6″ HD display
  • 8+ hours of battery life
  • Charges your smartphone simultaneously
  • Multi-touch trackpad + keyboard
  • Support for millions of Android apps as well as Superbook specific applications
  • Affordable $99 on Kickstarter

Superbook Kickstarter PhoneRadar

The campaign is from the Andromium OS team who are launching this shell that looks similar to the MacBook Pro but is just a shell that connects to your Android based Smartphone. Within this shell is just a battery & the display while you need to download the Andromium app on your device that has to be running on Android Lollipop or later. You can connect it with the Micro USB or the USB Type-C cable which is another plus since there is no need for a proprietary cable that would have cost additional money.

Watch the video below to know more about the project.

Update: The Project has now gone live on Kickstarter where the Early Backers can back the Superbook at $85 onwards who would also get early shipping from January 2017, while others would be able to back from the regular option of $99 onwards. Click here to back the SuperBook here.

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  • Nitish Mishra

    this is great…………..


    Seems promising but service after sales is a real concern

    • Who really worries about after sales for an accessory? Generally not many would care about it.

      • UTURN

        True. At the price point even the after sales service is null not many would complain.For a start up at least first launch is expected to be of top notch quality.

        But when I see entry level smartphones with 512 mb RAM I look towards it as an e-waste waiting to get unboxed.I wonder if people use it for more than 6 months period and what happens to it after that.

        Regarding the current product when I saw in fb for the first time I was tempted for the 149$ variant. Then I thought to wait till there are few hands on review available of the commercial model.

  • this is quite interesting