SOWATCH Smartwatch Tracks Cardiovascular Health, Blood Pressure & Prevents Diseases

by Pavan Kumar B.C 4

We have seen many fitness trackers in the recent past which have made life much easier by providing the adequate information on the fitness levels and activity that its user is making. Well, now with the improving technology we are about to see many changes, and now there is a fitness tracker from Kickstarter named as SOWATCH which will be the first autonomous smart watch that will be tracking cardiovascular health, blood pressure and also customizes the workouts.

The SOWATCH is a dedicated smartwatch for health and sports activity. This device will we alerting the family or the physician and is also able to work without the smartphone. This device will track all the sports activity and motivate its users to do more exercise, and it can be compared with the performances of other friends, and it is intelligent enough to prevent over-training that can cause injuries.

With this SOWATCH the user can design their workout program and schedule their program accordingly. Moreover, the device will track the blood pressure of its users and prevents many other diseases. The things this smart watch can do are as follow

• Detect the heart variability.
• Analysis of Sleep.
• Draw Cardiogram.
• Detect Fever and Hypotermia.
• Prevents Heart strokes and
• Records the sounds of the user’s heart

The SOWATCH is a waterproof device and also high climate resistant giving its users the option of training in extreme conditions. The device also keeps track of the diet intake and calculates the calories intake and will be alerting the users on the same.

The device has to be double touched to wake it up and do the same to keep it is sleep mode. The device comes with a keyboard to set target and goals. The SOWATCH can last for ten days on a single charge, and the user need not carry their smartphone along with them as there is an integrated GPS that tracks the activities.

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There are different modes on this device like the Competition mode, Free workout mode and Coach mode which lets its user customize and design the workout program. There is a web and smartphone application that can receive all the data from the smartwatch with the help of Bluetooth.

Pavan Kumar B.C


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  • Prashanth

    This smartwatch is just awesome…what will be the price???

  • arpit

    Is it launching in India?

  • Wow! Excellent Smartwatch It has everything one could ask!! The smart watches are getting better!
    Price could be more than ₹30k!

  • Dhilipan

    I don’t think you can tell it prevents diseases………..especially heart related conditions…Doesn’t play any active role except monitor and give feedback