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Lenovo’s Bluetooth Blaster Controller with Android Compatibility Spotted on FCC



A Bluetooth blaster from Lenovo has been spotted on the FCC which is most likely to be Android compatible. This device looked like a pistol with a gamepad controller and expected to be a VR/AR companion. This will be good news to all the gaming lovers and in the future, we are supposed to see more VR and AR games. The Pokemon Go game which was released a few months back has taken aback the world and this augmented reality game was developed by Niantic and has been downloaded more than 500 million times.

This device from Lenovo is a rechargeable device which has a 500 mAh battery that can give a standby of 30 days or 25 hours of gameplay without vibrations and 12 hours with vibration. According to the instruction manual, the device will offer full Android compatibility will also have features like moving to the side, reload the weapon and other features which depend on the kind of game is being played. There is also a headphone jack which lets the user play the game sitting far from the screen also.


Since this device has already hit FCC we are pretty much sure that the device will be unveiled very soon and we can expect more and more AR games popping up on Android. This will definitely make the games more interested and make life easier to the game addicts.


Will you but this Bluetooth blaster? Are you a gamer? Stay tuned to Phoneradar and we will be updating you once we get more information on the same.

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