50 OnePlus One Invites Giveaway [India-Specific]

by Chetan Bhawani 56

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OnePlus One was indeed the flagship killer that blown away the competition, with its pricing for the specs. Personally, it was much more than just specs that were interesting in the OnePlus One. But the availability isn’t easy, as you won’t be able to just login to an online retailer and hit the Buy Now button. There are invites needed to purchase the smartphone, understandable when the company has no other way to promote its flagship.

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Good news for our readers for those who are looking around for invites to purchase this smartphone. We’ve managed to get 50 invites for our readers, and you will get them exactly within 72 hours from now, but you will have to follow a few rules and enter the giveaway to get the invite.

The contest section below has the rules to follow, and the activity will be deciding who gets the priority to win the invite to buy the OnePlus One.

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Video review of OnePlus One

We will be announcing the winners of the invite giveaway here, exactly in a day after the contest ends. So make sure you participate and share it to the maximum to claim a chance to win the invite.

The OnePlus One comes with a 5.5 inch 1080p display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM, and the most interesting part of this was the CyanogenMOD based on Android 4.4 KitKat, but the recent deal between Micromax and Cyanogen for the Yu brand in India, the CyanogenMod updates are no more going to be available for the Indian units of OnePlus One. But, the commitment from the smartphone brand is such that the team is busy building its own Android Lollipop based ROM for the Indian units of OnePlus One.

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  • Shanky Yadav

    Love to have one.

  • khushal

    I really need one
    N love OPO

  • Aakash Bansal

    Always wanted to buy OPO and trying from the first day of launch but no luck in getting Invite, so after long wait i bought moto x from flipkart which they send me a refurbished unit two times and then refunded and now i am really fed up and i seriously want a stable phone. Hope i’ll get invite this time. #fingerscrossed

  • vishalaestro

    i don’t need one plus one due to it’s large size but my friends keep asking me for an invite.

  • arman

    OnePlus One is the best alternative to Nexus 5 and 6. I initially had planned to buy the Nexus 6 but it’s a very huge phone. Stock android is my top priority and OnePlus One has a near stock experience and I would love to own it. I hope you guys could share an invite with me so that I can go ahead and order my One.

  • This is an awesome giveaway from Phoneradar! The One Plus One is a budget phone with really high end specs that can compete with the best phones of the year!! If you use the Phone Compare Tool and compare it with any top of the line Phone, you will see that this phone keeps up with them and is stronger than some like the Iphone 6 Plus for instance. There is one huge difference you will notice though: the price! At 299$ for the 16 GB white version and 349$ for the 64 GB black version (I think 19k and 22k respectively) You get incredible value. Lets also not forget how its packed with CM12 and will come with its own custom rom too! The only problem is it is incredibly hard to get due to high demand hence the invite system. Everybody wants a powerful phone at half the price! It’s really hard to get invites so the fact the Phoneradar got 50 of them is amazing and awfully kind! It’s India based unfortunately so I’ll be watching from the sidelines; nonetheless its awesome! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all that joined!! I only have my heart set on the Smartphone of the Year the amazing Note 4!


  • Mridul

    Wanna join the Best Phone community.. That’s why i want a OPO 🙂

  • Rohan Mehta

    i cant buy the one for my self but want to gift atleast gift an invite to ….

  • I should be given a OnePlus One because I never settle :D!

  • Kalpik Nigam

    Nice phone! I already have one, would like to buy one for family 🙂

  • anurag

    i seriously want to buy the phone and just waiting for the invite

  • Kanishk Yadav

    U r the best phoneradar and I wiant oneplus invite because I very much struggle for the invITE than finally one day I got an invite but when I put it into my amazon then it says u need India specific invite and I verymuch disappointed

  • Girish

    Really a nice device, I would love to play with it.

  • rohitchugh

    i want to win this because i am crazy about this dam product i shared every article to win this on twitter …. just need this one. its camera.its warranty….its front camera and obvious cynogan mode and its 64 gb memory to get my all photos and my Internet Marketing videos with me everytime.. its custom rom i love it… best of luck to me hope will win one

  • Vineeth Jose

    Its a good phone with the best value for money.

  • Ahmad Ansari

    Waiting for a very long time, to get my hands on this beast. I wish this could be the one for me.

  • Shiv Inde

    Need one badly

  • Sukanjan Karmakar

    Thanks for the chance to win an invite.

  • Sahil Tiwari

    I want to win the Oneplus one invite because I wanted to purchase it ever since it was launched and I’ve never been lucky enough to get an invite.

  • Hariesh Selva

    I’m like hell waiting for the invite. Previously i got an invite which was international one but could not use it. But this is my last chance in getting my hands on the OPO.

  • Sai krishna

    its so long since i was waiting for an indian invite 🙂 hope i get this time

  • Ritesh Ganatra

    Finally a product which has created some genuine value. Cut all the marketing expenses, Cut all the Distribution/retail expenses, Cut mass production, and we have a really affordable phone at par with all the other competitors. I need this invite to own this great effort put in by OnePlus. Thanks for this @phoneradar

  • Rakesh

    I want to win the Oneplus One invite because One Plus never disapponts

  • Peter patricks

    I want to win the Oneplus one invite because I wanted to purchase it ever since it was launched and I’ve never been lucky enough to get an invite..please choose meee

  • tejajuloori

    sweet deal thanks! its an awesome phone and i need an invite to buy it

  • Yashasvi Gupta

    I like Oneplus one because it has top notch specs at half of the price.So I need an invite to purchase this beast.I have been waiting since a long time to buy this phone.

  • Nitin

    I want a invite because i want to buy it for a friend. Friendship is all about doing it for a friend.

  • Ratish Kumar

    i want to win the oneplus one invite since dec i am trying to get the invite. Please help me with this. I want to gift this phone to my wife on our aniversery

  • Hemant Singh

    I have been waiting for one plus from long time. Now is my chance to get one

  • Karthik Gopinath G

    I gave out my only invite i got in December to another Oneplus forum member, because i couldn’t buy one at that time. Now i really need to buy one and couldn’t find an invite 🙁

  • IDA M

    i seriously want to the phone coz itz awesome

  • Linu

    If I am lucky I will get code if not, then all the best everyone.

  • Anuj Batwe

    Need one to gift my dad who’s still using a Galaxy Grand. Time to show him the real “grand” thing. OnePlus, send an invite right here!!

  • gautam sharma

    This is the phone than every one wants. Just entered the contest with finger crossed. Let’s see what happen.

  • Abhay Bhosale

    I want to win this phone , because it’s always been a dream for me to win a Smartphone made from the Custom running CyanogenMod (11S) . I have waited quite long enough now!

    And, in India, I want to show off my phone to local customers who feel Samsung is always a better option. !

  • Prabhath Kiran Reddy

    I want the OnePlus One because it’s the one thing ive been waiting for since the last 2 months to hit India. I just cant bve myself till i get the one in my hand

  • Varun Sarathy

    The OnePlus One has been around in the world for about 10 months now. I had entered for an invite several times when it wasn’t available in India and haven’t got any invite. I would love to own this phone!

  • Lohitakksh Chauhhan

    Thanks for this giveaway was really looking for an invite. My cousins bought the phone just before the ban and they never got another invite for me to buy one.
    It would be a great chance to finally purchase a ONEPlus One with the invite.

  • Jugal Mudoi

    I’ve seen for last few months that people were become crazy to get one OnePlus One. But everytime so many people were unable to get one invite for buying this phone. Everyone want this phone because a premium phone with the top notch specs and the wonderful thing is its own rom CM, the most customizable rom…so specs, looks and price all combine to make Oneplus one a true flagship killer. All premium features surprisingly come in a low price that one can easily afford. But the invite system is the big head ache for most them. So this is great great opportunity to those people who always dream of getting this amazing phone and it is on our so beloved PhoneRadar…it also shows you always take care of your readers. I wonder how you really managed to get 50 invites at once however this is truly awesome to hear so I love your every giveaway and sharing this one too with everyone… and ofcourse this is a great giveaway and a must share for everyone…

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Amazing Giveaway ! I like to be invited for this One Plus One Giveaway as I wish to gift to someone special

  • vamsi

    Need one very much badly

  • krishna06

    India specific invites after a long time! Looking forward to the OnePlus One 🙂

  • I got a OnePlus One Invite from the company itself, but it was a global one. They don’t ship to India. Hopefully win this and get my hands on this ? Cheers.

  • lakshman

    First of all thank you phoneradar for this awesome giveaway. I want to say only one word about the phone “PREMIUM” right from the packaging to the phone itself. If I get an Invite to buy it without thinking about anything else.

  • Yatin Chawla

    I want to win Oneplus One invite so that I can help my friends to get through this beast

  • Victor Kashyap

    Waiting for this phone like for ages….such an awesome phone. I want this phone, beats all the flagship giants. Even the design is damn cool.Thank you PHONERADAR for the giveaway, u r the real hero here.

  • tassavur

    This will be my first primary Android device.

  • Santosh Kurra

    i need the invite for my buddy he is trying real hard for it

  • Vineet Pratik

    wanted to buy a oneplus one ever since saw the review on phoneradar..
    please provide me opportunity to buy this smartphone , amitbhawani sir , i do am following your CES visit , how your flight got delayed and everything else.
    – A regular reader.. 🙂

  • I want it hardly as I was unable to win the beast

  • Himanshu Prakash

    I have been trying to get the invite from last 4 months but no luck yet. I really want to buy the phone.

  • rohitchugh

    when result will come?

  • rohitchugh

    when result will come sir

  • vishalaestro

    just got one:)thanks for providing me this oppurtunity

  • AfZii RajpOot

    my heart desire is i buy the oneplus one my so many efforts but still i didn’t get the cell but as soon as possible i will get it…….

  • Ritesh Agarwal

    Really want that masterpiece!!!!!