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ZTE’s Gigabit Phone is from the future with 1Gbps connectivity that You Cannot Use it yet



The telecom industry is advancing at a very rapid pace and it looks like the 5G technology is not too far. While 5G is not particularly something which we are looking forward to just yet(considering most telecom companies are yet to push 4G in most places in India), ZTE is already stepping foot out of the closet and doing something new here. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer just announced that they will be showcasing a new smartphone called the Gigabit Phone at MWC this year. Excited much?

According to ZTE, the Gigabit Phone is a forward looking device, which will be setting new standards for download speeds. And yes, you guessed it right. As the name suggests, it will be capable of showcasing speeds up to 1Gbps. Termed as Gigabit LTE speeds, it is indeed a blazing fast connectivity speed. It is a great look at what the future will look like as far as download speeds are concerned. But the real question is, how is, when will we be able to use and experience one?

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Let’s clear the air here first. None of the telecom carriers in the world supports Gigabit cLTE connection yet. Yes, it means it is practically impossible to use this smartphone, however, as mentioned earlier, it is a great look into what the future looks like and what we can expect. Also, most people will be wondering as to what is the need for Gigabit LTE speeds when the current speeds are not all that poor. First of all, having a Gigabit connection will help you in a lot of different ways in Future. The first and foremost being media consumption. Considering the rate at which VR is growing, having such high speeds will allow for a lot of improvements in VR world.

Also, in case if you are interested, Qualcomm announced a new chipset called the Snapdragon 835 which includes a gigabit LTE-capable X16 modem. hence, it is expected that this Gigabit Phone from ZTE will carry the same chipset. However, it is not confirmed yet and hence we suggest you stay tuned for more info on the same as MWC is not too far from now. We will have a ton of other smartphones as well, so be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on the same.


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