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ZTE Open C Firefox OS Phone Tips & Tricks



Are you one of those who purchased the ZTE Open C, the Firefox OS based smartphone? You might surely be worndering how to get things done because this is a totally new interface, and actually, a new mobile operating system you are being introduced to. The ZTE Open C is a very neat looking smartphone for the price of $99, but for the first time users, it is a bit confusing. Here are a few tips and tricks for the ZTE Open C users.

Changing the system language

To change the default system language in the Open C, you need to do the following:

  • Swipe left from the home screen (which you can reach by touching the home key) and find the Settings app
  • Open the Settings and in that, go to Language and tap on it
  • Touch the box below language and you will be able to see the number of languages
  • Select one which you need and then touch OK.

How to enable Internet Tethering (USB or Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot)

Just like it has been one of the best features for the Android smartphones, the ZTE Open C powered by Firefox OS has got the feature of sharing the Internet connectivity with the other devices around. This can be done with the computer with the USB connectivity, or you could turn your ZTE Open C into a portable hotspot, to share the connection with others via Wi-Fi.

  • To enable USB tethering, connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable, and then go to Settings > Internet sharing and touch on “USB tethering” to turn it on.
  • To share the Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, you need to go to Settings > Internet sharing and touch Wi-Fi hotspot feature to turn it on. On the other phone, turn Wi-Fi on and select the network which is being sent from the hotspot.

How to Insert MicroSD card in the Open C

The phone comes with a limited internal storage, i.e. 4GB but you can expand the storage with the MicroSD card support in it. To do that, you need to open the back cover which you have to pull up from the bottom slot provided, and then remove the battery which exposes the area where the MicroSD card has to be placed.

Pull the memory card holder along the direction of “Open” and lift the holder, then place the memory card in the slot, then close the memory holder and gently place it back in the direction of “Lock” to lock the card in the same place.

How to use GPS function for finding location

The GPS feature comes in-built in the phone, and for you to use it – you need to enable the GPS equipment which can be done by going to Settings > Geolocation > check the option and it would enable it.

You can use any relevant maps application by downloading it from the Firefox store, or use the HERE Maps which comes pre-installed in the phone.

I forgot the password to unlock screen. How do I recover it?

Unfortunately, for now there is no option for you to recover if you lost the password. The only way you can get the access is by losing your data. You have to download the latest version of the factory reset settings from the Internet, and then start the phone in recovery mode and update and do a factory reset / wipe cache. This is a bit hard and we would explain the entire procedure soon.

How to turn on USB debugging

The USB debugging mode is something that helps in creating a bridge between the computer and the phone for transfer of files. The USB debugging mode on the ZTE Open C can be turned on by going to Settings > Device information > more information > Developer > Remote debugging

* Note: use this only if you are a developer or have a good knowledge on what the Debugging mode is.

How to check the Storage and Battery Status

The ZTE Open C has a 4GB internal storage, and 1400 mAh battery. If you wanted to check the storage usage, and if you used a MicroSD card and wanted to see how much storage is being used there, you can go to Settings > Application storage and you can see all the information there. Similarly, for checking the battery percentage and the usage, go to Settings > Device > Battery.

Change wallpaper on ZTE Open C

Similar to the Android phones, you can change the wallpaper on the Open C for both, the lock screen and the home screen. To change it, you need to go to Settings > Display
Here, touch the wallpaper area and touch on one of the three options given – Wallpaper, Gallery and Camera

Choose one of the options in them and set the wallpaper. For you to set from one of the wallpapers already available, it would be easy but if you are choosing any photo from the gallery, some cropping might be needed.

How to delete built-in (pre-installed) apps in the ZTE Open C

To delete the pre loaded applications in the device, there are certain limitations because the ones which are installed as a part of the firmware cannot be removed. You can choose to remove only those pre-installed apps which are given to enhance the user experience, for example, the Facebook, Twitter apps which are seen pre-installed.

For that, you need to go to the Application manager in settings and you will be able to delete the apps and you get a certain list of apps which you can choose to delete.

The other stuff is quite easy to understand and use because it isn’t much different from the Android OS when you talk about the multitasking, the changes in the apps etc. If you have any other question related to it, do let us know.

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