ZTE Axon Mini is the World’s First Smartphone to Feature Force Touch Display

by Teja Chedalla 4


ZTE in an event unveiled the Mini version of recently launched Axon smartphone. Though the Axon was launched first in the US, the company brought it to China with a fingerprint scanner added on rear of the smartphone. There are few devices launched namely Axon Lux, Axon Watch and SPro2 Smart Projector along with the Axon Mini smartphone.

“Today’s launch marks a significant new chapter in product development for ZTE, and the three devices launched today are results of our ongoing commitment to becoming more consumer-centric in the global market,” said Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE Mobile Device.


The mini versions of the flagships come with downgraded specs or in a compact size, but the Axon Mini got some interesting feature that was debuted for the first time in smartphones. The Axon Mini is the world’s first smartphone to feature force touch screen. Apple introduced the MacBook Pro with the force touch trackpad and it is rumored that iPhone 6s which is expected to launch in September will feature the force touch.

With force touch, the device can measure how hard you press the display and gives the user to interact with the device in smart ways. For example, hard press the forward button to move the video much faster than the soft press which forward at the normal speed.

There are no details about the specifications of the device, but will available in four different colors – silver, gold, orange and pink. It is expected to launch in the month of September. We will update the article once there is information about the pricing and the complete specifications of the smartphone.

Source: GizmoChina

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  • AB Aldo Payardu

    Apple will implement this in their Iphones soon and call it revolutionary, Industry first at just 1300$ and iSheeps be like “we will but it we will buy it”.

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Its a Great achievement by technology !

  • Guru Raja

    force touch is not a popular one to non Apple user

  • Again great innovations found first for smartphones on a ZTE phone