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Zen Sonic 1 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Zen Sonic 1

There are many budget smartphones available in the market currently, but most of them either lack in RAM or internal storage. And since both of these are important to ensure good performance, Zen introduced Sonic 1, which is possibly the most affordable device that packs 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage combination. If this combo has attracted you and you’ve gone ahead and purchased the device, then this article is very important for you. Here we’ve explained some of the most interesting things that you would be able to do on your phone. These tips and tricks would help you in exploring your device easily.

How to insert the SIM card on your Zen Sonic 1?

Zen Sonic 1 - SIM Card

Zen Sonic 1 is a dual SIM smartphone with a combination of a micro SIM and a mini SIM slot. Insertion of SIM in Zen Sonic 1 is an easy process. First you need to turn off your device, then, remove the back panel. Further, you have to remove the battery, depending on the type of SIM; you’ve to insert the SIM card into their respective slots mentioned. Now put back the battery into its right place and close the back panel of your device. Congratulations, you have successfully inserted the SIM card.

How to share your Data network via Tethering on the Zen Sonic 1?

Zen Sonic 1 has a feature where you can share your Data Network via Tethering. First you need to open the settings, in Wireless & network clicks on more option, now in the newly opened list, click on tethering & portable hotspot. Select the type of hotspot that you want to use. You can also configure the Network SSID, Security type and password for your device.

How to take a Screenshot on my Zen Sonic 1?

If you any important information on the screen, you can take the screenshot of it. Taking a screenshot on the Zen Sonic is very simple. Press, the power/lock button along with volume down button, the image of the screen would be captured right away and saved on your device. You can access that image from the gallery or just swipe down the notification panel, and you’ll see the saved screenshot on tap it.

How to check for the Android Updates on Zen Sonic 1?

Zen Sonic 1 - Android Updates

Users these days are eager to see the frequent software updates on their devices. We are not sure if Zen Mobiles would be releasing any of those updates soon to fix any known bugs on the UI. But you certainly wouldn’t like to miss them. Then, you must know how to check manually for the updates on your device. To do that you have to launch the settings app, and in that opened list, click on the About Phone. Now you have to tap on Wireless Updates, further tap on Check for updates, if there isn’t any update a message stating “Your system is currently up to date”. If there is a software update, then a download option would open, just tap on that and follow the simple instructions come along, and your device would be updated to latest OS.

How to Install external apps with apk files on the Zen Sonic 1?

The Externals apps with apk files in your file manager can be installed easily on the Zen Sonic 1. You need to open the folder where the apk file is present. If you are installing for the 1st time, then you will get a popup stating install blocked. To remove that, you have to click on settings in a pop-up, it will redirect you to Security options in the Settings app. There you can enable the Unknown Source option, now you can install that apk file. Open the folder where the apk is present, tap on it and click install. The app would be installed on your device in no time and would be ready to use.

Is there any option to customize the Quick Settings in the Notification Panel?

Most of the users likes to add/remove the quick settings according to their needs. But unfortunately, there is no such option available on the phone where you can customize the quick settings in the Notification panel of the Zen Sonic 1.

How to use the Power saving modes on the Zen Sonic 1?

The Power saving mode helps you to save your battery and hence reduces the battery consumption when it’s activated. To activate this mode on Zen Sonic 1, you have to launch the Settings app, and then click on the battery option. There you will find the list of options, you have to tap on the battery saver and further enable it.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

The sensors are such things that help in automating or detecting certain types of behaviour among the smartphones. The Zen Sonic 1 is equipped with sensors support for Acceleration, Light, and Proximity. These are some of the basic sensors that are required to carry out some simplest but important operations.

How to use the Screen pinning feature on the Zen Sonic 1?

Zen Sonic 1 - Screen Pining

Screen pinning is one the best feature on the Android Lollipop. The operating system has introduced a new feature that allows you to pin any application on your screen. If you want to use this feature, you need to enable it on your device. Go to the Settings, Scroll down to the Security, a new list appears. Scroll down and click on “Screen pinning” in Advanced. Enable, the Screen pinning and screen pinning, is ready to use. If you want to unpin the screen, then you must touch and hold the back button and overview button.

What are the Pre-installed Apps on the Zen Sonic 1?

Other than the Google Stock apps, there are certain pre-installed apps AngryGorilla, Clean Master, Flipkart, Housing, Maps, Ninja Rush, OLX, Opera Mini, Quikr, Saavn, Snapdeal, SwiftKey Keyboard and Teen Patti Klub Lucky are the Pre-installed apps that occupy for about 625.11MB of space on the Zen Sonic 1.

Can I Move apps from phone storage to SD card on Zen Sonic 1?

Not all the apps can be moved from internal to external. But, yes, there are some apps that you can move an app from internal storage to SD card on Zen Sonic 1. All you need to do is launch the Settings app, head over to the Device section, and tap on the Apps options. Now open the app that you want to move, at the bottom Tap on the option “MOVE TO SD CARD”. The app is moved from Internal to External Memory.

How much is the internal storage on the Zen Sonic 1?

Zen Sonic 1 - Internal Storage

Zen Sonic 1 comes with the 16 GB of internal storage, as well as is expandable up to 32GB with an external memory slot. The space utilized by the Operating System on this device is about 3.4 GB. Hence, users get around 12.6 GB of free space available on the device.

How much free RAM is available on the Zen Sonic 1 if no apps are running?

Zen Sonic 1 comes with the 2GB RAM and out of which 269MB of RAM is utilized by the system for basic functions while you’ll see around 1.6 GB of RAM available when no app is running on this device.

How to enable SOS feature on your Zen Sonic 1?

Emergency services are very helpful and you should take advantage of it and enable them. To do that you have to launch the Settings app first and head over to Personal section. There you will find an option named SOS, tap on that and you’ll see a toggle button, turning it ON would enable this service. Remember you can also edit the emergency message, as well as select if you want to repeatedly send the message, then you can select the intervals; every 10 or 20 minutes.


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