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Xperia X Performance First to get Android 7.0 Nougat – Sony’s Beta Program Launched



Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony launched the Xperia X Performance smartphone earlier this year. Not many people were excited for this device, given the fact that the specifications that it offered for the price tag were not doing any justice. It is not bad by any means but certainly is not the best one either. You could have just got the Xperia X. which was launched in & around the same time. But apparently, the company decided to do something about now. How?

The Xperia X Performance is going to be the first smartphone to run Android 7.0 Nougat. Yes, the company launched the beta program, and this one is going to be the among the first one to receive the beta update in Europe. So if you live in one of the eligible countries for the same in Europe and also if you can live with all the instability and bugs that come with a pre-release beta version of software, then yes, you can proceed further.

So if you are an owner of the Xperia X Performance smartphone, then you can sign up for the beta program and try out an unfinished Nougat port way before the others can even think about it. It is also worth noting that, the Z3 also joined the preview club for the Nougat back in the days when it was referred as Android N. But as of now yet, we don’t have any info on that either.

Also, we don’t have an exact release date of the finished version for the same. So if you want be sure that you are the first one to get the proper finished Android Nougat, then you should stick to your Nexus devices or if not then go for the new upcoming Nexus devices or also check out the LG V20, since it is going to be the first one to pack the latest software out of the box once it is launched officially. Meanwhile check out our list of smartphones getting the Nougat update and stay tuned for more info on this.

Note: The featured image shown is of Xperia X.


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