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Xiaomi VR Headset with Zipper Design and personalisation options launched in China



Xiaomi officially launched its first highly-rumored VR headset in China. As of now, the VR headset is not available to purchase, but the company is now taking sign-ups for beta testers. These testers will be getting the headset for just 1 Yuan, but only if you get selected for the same. In terms of design, the headset looks rather interesting with unique material choices. The headset is made out of Lycra and EVA fabrics, with a Zipper-design and the company says that it will prevent any discomfort if the headset is used for a prolonged period of time.

The Mi VR Headset measures 201x107x91mm, weighs 208.7 grams and can fit phones that are 4.7 to 5.7 inch in size. So this essentially means that the Xiaomi Mi Max will not be fitting inside this headset. The company also announced a new VR app , with which users will be able to consume content to go along with it. This new VR headset will also come in several different personalization option for designs. Stay tuned for it’s availability and pricing in India.

Xiaomi Mi VR Types

Earlier: Last week, Xiaomi started teasing a Virtual Reality product which was reportedly scheduled to launch in the month of August, August 1st to be specific. Apparently the company decided to wait for a couple of days more to launch the product. We already have some details on the product that is set to launch on August 4th. Yes, according to multiple reports, Xiaomi’s VR product which is mostly going to be a Virtual Reality Headset will officially debut on August 4th.

Talking about the details on this new VR headset, it will support Google Daydream. So if we can go by that information then, this new VR headset will still need a smartphone to be powered with. But the experience will be much better than the current VR solution offered by Google which is the Google Cardboard. So this one is definitely the one to look forward to.

Also this will be first VR headset to support the Google Daydream project. Note that these VR headsets which supports Daydream needs a Daydream ready smartphone running Android Nougat with VR mode. So the old smartphones will not support this and as of now, only Nexus 6P is compatible with this. With that being said, we will start seeing more of these smartphones with the Daydream support in near future. The upcoming Nexus device(s) will also be compatible and most probably Xiaomi will also come up with some new hardware to go with it.

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Also this new VR Headset from Xiaomi will see an international release soon, but it is likely to launch in China first. It is also worth noting that most of the Google Play services are restricted in the country. With services like Play store, YouTube, Street View blocked, it will be interesting to see what the company does here to to give the best experience in terms of content. We just have to wait and see what we get here. Stay tuned for more info on this once it becomes official.


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