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Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Review & Samples



Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Capture Background Defocus

The Xiaomi Mi3 SmartPhone comes with a 5″ IPS LCD Display along with a 13Mp Camera which offers you with some vibrant and amazing Captures. The Camera comes with a option of Standard 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio options along with options to enable HDR & Panorama Modes.

The Mi3 also has an interesting option of Filters which show you the LIVE Preview of the available filters.

  • Indigo
  • Autumn
  • Blur
  • Normal

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Filters

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Options HDR Panorama

Following are a few Camera Samples captured with this SmartPhone.

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Capture Background Defocus

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Day Light Capture Sample

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Capture Natural Light

Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Capture Macro


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