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Xiaomi Mi VR headset Unboxing, Photo Gallery, Setup & FAQ – Video



VR Headsets are not too mainstream yet. Many people use them, but on the other hand, a majority of people have the opinion that these VR Headsets still needs to evolve. It is certainly true but most of the people with that opinion, don’t have a proper reason to believe so. So either they are not too impressed with the technology itself or they couldn’t find the best one yet. Well, either way, we have something new here in the VR Headset from a new player in this category. It is none other than Xiaomi.

If you remember, recently the company launched their first VR Headset called the Mi VR headset. This is an addition to a ton of Mi devices that are available in the market. So if you were wondering what this one bring to the table, then this should help you. We unboxed the newly launched Mi VR Headset by Xiaomi here at Phone Radar. Do make a note that this device is not available to purchase anywhere in the world yet. So let’s take a look at the unit and see what it has to offer.

When you first take a look at the box, you can figure out that this is not a retail unit as the box is quite simple. There’s no info about the device itself nor any image of the same on top. Just a black box with some weight to it, but not much. Once it is out of the box, you will see the headset in all it’s glory. It looks quite elegant. Yes, elegant yet simple design. Unlike many other cheap VR Headsets out in the market, this one has a nice feel to it.

Another thing to notice here is how light it is. It certainly has some weight to it but definitely not to a point to where it is uncomfortable to wear it. Thanks to all the material choices that Xiaomi has made here. The headset is made out of Lycra and EVA fabrics and comes with a Zipper-design. Talking about specific details, it measures 201x107x91mm, weighs 208.7 grams and can fit phones that are 4.7 to 5.7 inch in size.

Xiaomi has also launched a new VR App for the same, with which users will be able to consume content on the go. Screenshots of the application interface are also shown above. It has a clean and simple interface. Once the app is fired, and VR mode is enabled, it’ll prompt to insert the phone into the headset. Also, the unit which we have here is the basic version, and you can also buy them in different customized versions once it comes out. Without going into further details, watch the unboxing video below to take a look at the full unboxing experience.

Below are some of the Frequent Asked Questions about the Mi VR Headset –

Q: Is it possible to use a smartphone with a display larger than 5.7-inches?
A: No, it is not possible to use any smartphone which has a display larger than 5.7-inches. We tested the VR Headset with the Galaxy A9 Pro, which has a 6-inch display and it doesn’t work.

Q: Is there any dedicated VR App developed by Xiaomi for the headset?
A: Yes, as mentioned earlier, Xiaomi has developed an app for VR Media consumption. You can download the app by scanning the QR Code which is provided inside box.

Q: Will this headset be available in India?
A: As of now, Xiaomi has not announced any info regarding the availability of the product anywhere in the world. So we have to wait until we get some official info about this from the company. Stay tuned for more details.


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