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Xiaomi Kids Watch Phone at 299 Yuan offers SOS, Real Time GPS Tracking



Xiaomi has stepped into a new arena for kids; their latest wearable named Mi Bunny is developed for children, which will work as the bodyguard watch for them. After impressive sales figure for its fitness tracking Mi Band, the Chinese company is foraying into new grounds. It is priced at 299 Yuan. There are lots of kids watch that claims to offer exciting features to keep track of the child and other activities. But after looking at what this watch is offering it can be said, this is the best gift you can give it to your kids, which will also ensure their safety. So that parents can live worry-free lives, especially if both of them are working.

The Mi Bunny comes with a food grade silicone strap that is FDA approved. It is made soft and comfortable, as well as should be preventive of any allergies, as claimed by the brand. Sporting LED dot matrix display, it will show some rich and lovely expression patterns that will be cheerful to the child.

The watch will be equipped with an SOS button, if the child feels that he/she is in need of emergency contact with the parent, then they can just quickly press the button the watch, and it will record seven seconds audio as well as real-time location of the child. Those details will be directly sent to parent’s phone. The parent can then quickly open the proprietary app and easily navigate to find their child.

The Xiaomi Kids watch is equipped with industry grade audio amplifier that will be offer crystal clear sound quality during those calls. So, you can talk to your child clearly, no matter where they are. In this fast-paced world, keeping in constant contact with a child is one of the top issues the working parents face. But with this watch, it would be quite easier for them to connect with child.

You’re wondering how would a watch work as a phone? Well, the only explanation that company has posted about is that it will have built in Mi phone card with 10 Yuan bill at the time. The plan included will have no monthly charges, as well as no roaming charges. The incoming would be free, but outgoing will be levied at 0.1 Yuan per minute, which is quite incredible. To send the real-time GPS location, it will use data, which will be charged at 0.1 Yuan per MB.

Xiaomi Kids Watch Plan

The parents can manage the connectivity to the watch via a dedicated app; there they can customize the security zones for their children as well. If the child goes out of that zone, they’ll be notified via app instantly. There is also a free group chat service being offered in that app, which will allow having some form of conversations with your child. Through app up to 12 emergency contacts of the family members can be added. For instance, during SOS, the nearest family member can get to the child first.

Moreover, the watch also has a pedometer, so you can also monitor how much your child has walked, as these days kids are spending less time in outdoor extra-curricular activities, which leads to health issues at an early stage in life. A parent can make sure their child is spending a good amount of time playing outside in the security zone established by them. With a battery capacity of 300mAh, it is said to offer six days of standby time up to two days of regular usage time. As well as it has low SAR value.

In related news, Xiaomi is all set to announce Mi Band 2 alongside the Mi Max, their first device with more than 6-inch of screen size. The brand has scheduled an event on May 10th. Stay tuned in as we would be covering that event live.


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