World’s Thinnest Thermal Touch Phone vkworld Crown V8 to Launch at $79.99

by Karthik Iyer 6

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer VKworld is all set to launch its new smartphone with some interesting features up its sleeves. The new smartphone from the company is called the Crown V8. This is the company’s latest offering, and it is the world’s thinnest smartphone. Yes, it only 4.7mm in thickness. Not only that, but it is also the world’s first thermal touch phone. This phone is unique by itself, providing a whole new touch screen interaction.

Talking about the design of the smartphone, it comes in a unique-looking package again. The front and the back of the device are covered by glass and the side frame is made out of metal, giving it a very premium feel in the hand. The phone also has a unique shape, which is very different from other and anything like we have seen before. The phone appears to closely resemble the Moto Droid Razr and also looks like some Vertu phones.

Another interesting feature about the phone is that it has an IP67 rating. So the phone is waterproof, dust-proof and the company also claims that it is shatter-proof. According to the company, the phone can withstand a one-meter depth of water for about 30 minutes. The phone also comes with Coring Gorilla Glass 4, but apparently, the company has made some redesigns with it. They have added an extra shatter shield layer on the surface of the glass, in order to protect it from drops.

The screen of the VKworld Crown V8 comes with an LG IPS display. The smartphone also packs front-facing speakers with surround sound. The Crown V8 will be available to purchase starting mid-July and will be available for the price of $79.99 (about 5,500 INR). We have no other specifications about the device as of now, but we expect to get more information about the device in coming days as we get close to the release date.

The only interesting feature of this device is its thermal touch screen, as it is the first of it’s kind and it will be interesting to see how the company has implemented it. Stay tuned for more information.

Karthik Iyer

Karthik is a Computer Science Graduate and a Tech Aficionado who has always found himself fascinated or playing around with all the latest and the best from the world of smartphones and beyond. When he is not working on any smartphone or covering the latest scoop, you can often find playing his favorite PS4 titles.

  • Pulkit Jain

    The phone seems interesting and is also priced quite cheap!!
    Let’s see what the company has to offer,let’s wait for it to hit the market.

  • Shibin A

    Man… It looks so diff… Looks so rugged but is gonna be the thinnest fone… Awsm.. And its so cheap..


    What is thermal touch screen?

  • Woodnote(hulone_)

    So much for 6K. Wow. That is great.

  • Nitish Mishra

    With this thickness, I wonder what would be the battery capacity. These Chinese brands have gone crazy. These premium features for just 6K. Crazy…..

  • Sounds unique!
    Kindly write a blog about “thermal touch screen”.