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World’s First Smart Dancing Robot Speaker, Dancebot Listed on Kickstarter



We always find some interesting projects on crowdfunding websites. Last week, a new project on Kickstarter was successfully funded in just 2 hours. It’s for a fun gadget called Dancebot, the world’s first smart dancing robot speaker. A total of 126 backers have pledged $13,938 in the last five days. At the early bird price of $44, the Dancebot worth spending those bucks. It will later retail for $69 and shipping will begin from October.

The Dancebot sports a total of four motors for the sleek dance movements. It makes it moves according to the music played by its speakers. The algorithm also adjusts its movements while playing audio files and nursery rhymes with Dancebot. It likes to move to the stories and songs. Dancebot’s animated movements will give your child an engaging session that makes learning a lot more fun. It’s algorithm also makes sure it doesn’t make the same movements for the same song.

After reaching the $10,000 funding, the company mentioned offering touch controls for free with every Dancebot. The touch controls on the top can be used for Previous/Volume down, Play/Pause, and Next/Volume up. After the reaching the $20,000 funding goal, we expect them to bring more color options. Currently, the Dancebot is available only in Red color. It comes with a MicroUSB 2.0 port for charging.

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The company is also offering startup message customization for the Dancebot for an additional $20. However, the custom startup message will be costing $12 during the Kickstarter period. The custom message has to be an MP3 file under 6 seconds long. Let us know, would you be still interested in buying similar devices. Share your opinion with us by commenting down below or tweet us at @PhoneRadarBlog.


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