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Sorry Apple, I won't invest my money on the Apple Watch



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Apple WatchHere it is, the Apple Watch with its hefty price tag. Finally announced, soon to be available and to burn the pockets of enthusiasts. There could be only one reason for Apple to be so bad with the pricing of it – it is Apple! They have never gone down with the price of products, and they had all right to do that. The experience that Apple users get, is much better compared to the one users get on using Windows PCs, or Android Phones, or even, Android Wear smartwatches. But still, I’m not buying this beautiful piece of luxury from Apple.

Before starting off, I am not new to the wearables category and have used Pebble, Sony SmartWatch, Samsung Gear Fit and LG G Watch for a considerable amount of time and never have been impressed with any of these. It was always some or the other way I got disappointed with each of them. The fitness bands (Xiaomi Mi Band, Goqii band, Jawbone Up) felt better for some actual use. Pebble, for example, pulled the data of steps I walked, from the smartphone. Why? did I buy it to have a colorless secondary display to quickly show the numbers while I’m jogging? Sony SmartWatch, after a couple of months, I could finally figure out what was good in it – nothing. And the LG G Watch, with the much hyped Android Wear, although was the best of the watches I wore, it had its own limitations, majorly the battery life.

I wear no watch now, or wear a casual analog watch that shows time. Traditional way of checking the time, and checking notifications directly on the smartphone, just like it was a couple of years back. I got comfortable with this, again. Apple’s first announcement of the Apple Watch made me excited, though on the other side of my mind, I knew I am looking at something that won’t work outside its own ecosystem.

Now, when Apple came up with the pricing, it wasn’t again surprising as everyone expected it to ask hundreds of dollars a piece, and the critics started the troll game after looking at the $10000 tag for the Edition ones. It was a luxury watch, being given that price for the looks, not the functionality. Apple isn’t giving any different interface or functions to the Edition watches. Thus, taking a look at the $349 one makes more sense when you are planning to get one for yourself.

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Not a standalone unit

First reason why I wouldn’t buy the Apple Watch, is that it doesn’t replace anything. It still needs the connectivity all the time, if there is anything else it has to do, apart from showing the time. And if there’s no active connection, it is just a watch.

Don’t intend to update to iOS 8.2 already

Think about the jailbreaking. I have an iPhone 6 lying in the office, jailbroken as I wanted to do more than what Apple gives in its iOS interface. Now, when it was announced that iPhone 5 or later is required, I was happy that someday if I get a chance to review it, I’ve got the right pairing unit. But iOS 8.2 requirement broke it. Now, I have to again wait for the awesome developers to give a jailbreaking solution for the iOS 8.2, or I am not updating the iOS version right away. Sorry, but that is me and that is how I had used the previous iPhone as well.

The battery on iPhone 6 already sucks

I’ve never hated Apple iPhone, but preferred and Android device over iPhone for several reasons. One of them was the iPhone 6’s battery life. It sucked. With no special connectivity. Now even that would start with Apple Watch being connected to the iPhone all the time. Thus, even more quicker battery drain on the iPhone. Moreover, I seriously need to shift back to iPhone to use the Apple Watch? I won’t.

If I don’t have an iPhone?

I’d end up paying more than what I would actually have to pay while buying an Android Wear watch. With Android Wear, I have a choice of buying any smartwatch in the near future as the Android Wear has no such strict limitation. If someone using Android phone likes the Apple Watch for some reason he/she has to spend money on even getting an iPhone.

Do I really need to charge a watch every night?

There was once a time when smartphones were made and marketed as something that can take away the need for a watch on your wrist. It is a circle, where now you are being asked to use your phone less and do much of the stuff from the smartwatch. Interesting, but not really productive. The battery life of Apple’s Watch is said to be about 18 hours on standard use, **according to Apple**. I assume that to be even lesser. Weren’t watches supposed to be something that rarely needs charging, or if they were to, should be charged like about once a week?

Apple Watch Statement

Most importantly, I am going to feel betrayed after about a year when Apple announces a much more advanced watch with a similar price tag, and don’t provide support for the Watch one more year later. I am just assuming but that is how Apple has been in the smartphone business. Why would there be an exception with the Watch?

What deserves my money?

Withings Activite WatchIf I really saved $349-$399 for a smart accessory to my smartphone, I’d prefer to have a watch or a fitness tracker that does enough to show me the time, count my steps and show the fitness status, and doesn’t get dead with no battery towards the end of the day.

I’ve already had a few alternatives in my mind even before getting to know about the price of Apple Watch – the Withings Activite, or the Microsoft Band, or now the Pebble Time Steel.

When we are talking of Apple Watch, there surely might be a few features that no other smartwatch will offer. It is Apple, after all, known for giving the best experience. But the limitations exceed the advantages in this case, and thus, Apple Watch isn’t going to be my purchase this year, and probably, for countless number of Android smartphone users who intend to purchase an accessory to wear on their wrist.


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