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WhatsApp Stats Announced – Daily 1 Billion Active users share 1B Videos, 55B Messages & 4.5B Photos



WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging platforms out there in the market. There are billions of users using the service on a daily basis, which is a huge number, to begin with. However, if you are wondering what the exact stats are, then don’t worry, WhatsApp has just reported a few stats about how their messaging app is doing.

To begin with, the company has reported that the messaging platform is being used by 1 billion users every single day. 1 billion active users per day is indeed a huge number considering how populated this particular market is. Not just that, WhatsApp has also reported that the service has over a billion monthly active users. All these users are actively exchanging about 55 billion messages per day, which is yet another huge number.

The numbers have increased since last year, where the company had reported that the service has about 1 billion active monthly users. Now, we are looking at 1 Billion active daily users on the platform. In addition to all this, WhatsApp has also announced that a large number of media files are also being exchanged. These media files include photos, videos, etc.

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According to the company, every day about 4.5 billion photos and about 1 billion videos are being exchanged. Yes, you read that right, these numbers reflect the total number of files being shared every single day. On top of all this, another interesting stat which the company announced is that the service now supports 60 languages as well. As you might have already guessed, these numbers are really great and these are only increasing as we write this.

For the sake of comparison, Facebook just recently announced that it now has about 2 billion monthly users. The Facebook Messenger alone surpassed 1.2 billion monthly users. Instagram, on the other hand, had recently announced that 250 million daily active users and its rival Snapchat 166 million daily active users. This only goes to show how popular WhatsApp really is and how people are taking advantage of the service effectively across the globe. Having said that, let us know if you are using this messaging service and if not, then which is your go to messaging service?

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