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Today, September 1st 2014, is when we begin a new journey. The team remains the same, but the focus is now on the global phone arena from the Android smartphone segment where we had been actively providing news, tips, reviews to the large reader base for years. PhoneRadar is official, and we are pleased to announce the launch of this brand new website, which is a result of a lot of hard work done by the team.

PhoneRadar gives information about the latest phones, news, reviews, event coverage, comparison and a lot more in a user-friendly look. At PhoneRadar, you will even be able to check the technical specifications of a mobile phone, along with comparative analysis, price of the phone from different commonly used online stores, and a price graph which shows the trends of pricing of the particular phone from the past months.

How did PhoneRadar emerge?

It was since long that the idea was mind, but the implementation was this year, especially because I was very much into other big projects, major where there was active focus but does the mobile phone industry wholly run on Android OS? the answer was clear and from there, the other major question was not “How we report and review phones” but “WHY we report and review phones”. Frankly, we do all the necessary stuff required to understand how good or bad a product is, before coming out with a verdict which our followers take and make a decision on their purchases. This is where the thought about PhoneRadar came up, and we built a team of hardworking guys who have been actively working already in the same niche since quite long.

Ideas keep coming in mind every second, and we let most of them go for a reason. There are rare instances when we capture them, work on them and come up with something that changes the way you were doing business. It wasn’t just business for me always, and thus, implementation of the idea became not really challenging, but it wasn’t easy as well. It took months of time, a complete team working day and night to bring things together and coming up with this new “product which talks products”.

Decision making isn’t easy even for us, when we are out in the market to purchase a product. There are several players from the industry, bringing out the best of their ideas and making products, but what makes us select one is filtering out the needs. That is what we have focused on, in this website where users can filter the mobile phones / smartphones based on their need and compare the best from the lot.

What’s special at PhoneRadar?

There are three main areas of focus, if we talk about the special features in PhoneRadar. 1. Phone Ratings, 2. Phone Finder and 3. Phone Compare. Check out our page dedicated to explain what are PhoneRadar Phone Ratings, and what we offer to the readers who come with every type of mobile phone query.

We focused a lot on the design of sections such as reviews (check examples here and here), where you get to see full page content with every aspect detailed, giving frank opinion about the device. The product database of ours has thousands of mobile phones from most of the brands recognized around the world, and we are working continuously to expand the database with every phone that is out there.

We are excited to have a team of individuals (check out our team) who are dedicated enough to keep up with the pace in the world of technology and mobile phones, reporting phone news 24×7 and reviewing them, managing the product database and working on the Youtube Channel (check here) where we have garnered over 25 million views and have over 38,000 subscribers.

For the future, there are even bigger plans in mind. PhoneRadar would be having an even bigger team, and the main goal would be to still keep the website user-friendly, easy to navigate and awesome as our readers on the network have always been.

Be a part of the community!

There is no better time than now. You can join us, indulge into discussions, join contests (yes, there are a lot of them coming up starting from today), share what you love and send your feedback right away. We learn together, isn’t it? Once again, welcome to PhoneRadar!


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