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WatchMI is a new technology which may change the way you use Smart Watch



Wearable technology is growing slowly, and we have seen a lot of development with this one. The reason for this slow adoption might be due to the fact that smart watch as a technology has not evolved completely. Typical smart watches today either have battery issues or suffers from interaction issues due to the small screen. There is only so much that a user can do on such a small screen. So maybe the new technology that we have here today will solve most of that issue.

WatchMI is a new technology that is here to solve this major issue. WatchMI is developed by researchers from the University of St. Andrews. This technology allows three main functions: Pressure touch, Twist, and Pan gesture input. This technology is ideal for the unmodified smart watches available today. According to the demonstration, this technology will pretty much work with any watch available in the market today.

The touch pressure feature will allow users to apply pressure on the sides of the display to move around the interface. The same is shown using Google Maps, where you can browse the map. Twist input will allow you to twist the watch in a particular direction to interact in different ways. Check out the video below for a detailed demonstration of the same.

And finally, we have the Pan feature, which will allow you interact with the watch as if you are using it with a joystick. Touch the display and pan the watch as if you are using a joystick. Also, when it comes to touch input, users can apply different levels of pressure and the same will be reflected on the Watch, which can be used to get desired results. This looks like a very promising way to interact with your smart watch. This could also open up a variety of different possibilities in this category.


However, it might take a while since the manufacturers actually get on board and try this out. So meanwhile we just have to wait and see how this technology evolves over time. Also talking about new smart watches, Xiaomi is also launching a new smartwatch. So keep an eye on that as well if you want something new in the market. Stay tuned for info in this.


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