Vivo X5 Max Hands-on, Initial Impressions and Photo Gallery

by Chetan Bhawani 17

Vivo X5 Max Hands-on

We just were reviewing the then slimmest Gionee Elife S5.1, as Vivo just announced what now is the slimmest smartphone in the world – Vivo X5 Max. What’s the best part about it? the slim profile – at 4.75mm. But that is not enough, as we are not totally impressed with the slimmest device from Vivo.

If compromising on some important aspects just to make the device slim is good, then Vivo has done a great job. But that wasn’t the case here. The large device with slim profile doesn’t look really comfortable in the hand, and the curvy side frame on the Elife S5.1 would score a point here.

For a quick view on the specs, the X5 Max comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor with 2GB RAM and it runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat with FunTouch UI. Not really bad, and pretty well powered as the Snapdragon 615 is an octa-core chipset and has an Adreno 405 GPU support, but we’d expect at least this when the asking price is over Rs. 30,000.

Extremely slim the body is, and it feels so in the hand as well. But at the same time, the side frame between the two chamfered edges is flat and thus giving it a sharper finish, and all this makes it hard to hold in the palm for long as the corners poke into the hand. Two thoughts here – by looks, it is all premium and good, but in the hand, it isn’t really comfortable. For a device having such a large 5.5-inch screen, this thickness makes it hard to hold easily.

To not compromise with the camera, the X5 Max has got a bump on the back and the camera pops out. This is one such factor we don’t like on any smartphone, though we won’t complain much as we still are getting a pretty perfect shooter on the back. Another worthy mention is the inclusion of a 3.5mm headset jack, which was not managed by Oppo in the R5.

Overall, the build quality is good and Vivo did manage to pack everything in, within the 4.75mm body. But the two problems – uncomfortable to hold, and the camera bump on the back.

On the initial use for some time, we liked the interface and Funtouch UI isn’t bad at all. Just like most of the Chinese ROMs, there is no app drawer here and everything is on the multiple home screens. Google Play apps are pre-installed, and Vivo has included a few gestures for the user experience.

The camera too wasn’t bad, and for a 13-megapixel you would normally see these kind of captures, nothing extra-ordinary. We’ll be checking out the actual camera performance in different light conditions very soon before concluding about it.

Vivo X5 Max Hands-on vs Elife S.1

The storage of about 11GB in total is available to the user, and of that, about 2.5GB is there for apps. But the expandable storage option is a good one, and the device supports USB OTG functionality as well.

So for the first impressions, as much impressed we are with the build and look, it is the other way about the comfort and the wide body isn’t easy to hold. The OS and camera are all good but Vivo hasn’t hit any good spot with the pricing set for the X5 Max.

[Inputs and Pictures by Shimon Das]

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  • Shashank Chourey

    It’s good to see technology is advancing at an exponential rate. The whole concept of devices creating these incredibly thin smartphones is to miniaturize technology. And this is all about innovation.. and which is good. But the immediate question that comes to my mind is that: “Is this the priority?”.. The priority should be on making smartphones with better batteries and sturdiness. These are just mere gimmicks (and which are short term) and people do fall for it. Same as smartphones coming up with 2k resolutions on a 5 inch device. A handset with a 7-8 mm thickness is comfortable for me, and for most of the people, to be honest. Talking about X5 max, the top bottom bezels seems unnecessarily thick, which they obviously did to make the device look pretty. And it’s way too much wide also.. for get one hand operation, it would be difficult to even hold the device properly. And heck the price is unreasonably high for this device.

  • Shashank Chourey

    I would love to see the teardown of such slim devices by PhoneRadar. 😀
    Would be interesting to see. 😀

    • Android

      lol i hope they can put it together tho so then they can continue to give us great articles on this phone!!

  • Upon looking at the big three slim devices I immediately notice a design similarity between the them: the top and bottom bottoms are lengthened which gives me an iPhone resemblance. What differentiates these phibrs is pricing. I always felt oppo R5 was the best out of the three and this the slimmest one was actually the worst simply because of compromise. I’ve only been a fan of extra nifty features when they are either done well or. Are a part of a series of new innovations planned fore the device ant the X5 has none
    Paired with an asttonomical price tag spells diin. Poor specs and high prices don’t mix. However a good takeaway is their fun touch UI which I have to day is very appealing to the rye. The collort pallete of colors are more inviting than let’s say something like amigo UI. Great article and kudos for always maintaing an ubiased view!!

  • Android

    So this is Vivos answer to the slim decvice profile devices. The device is narrow i really like that and it adds to the aesthetics. i believe in a few months Oppop will out a even slimmer device but i just hope that they dont put specs like this. This phone has very low specs and the only take away is the slim build and the fun UI. tbh i really love the Ui and i think it may be the best Ui on the market to date. I love how the colors are still bold but still very complementary. i would love to see Amoled technology used on Ui’s like this!!. But unfourtuantely the price really sucks and is way way way tooo high. nect time they make a thin phone make sure the price is not too high and if it is atleast deliver the specs of a flagship phone!!!

  • Well I would say that its a copy of some of the devices but its the vivo a Chinese brand which just launched the worlds slimmest phone after Gionee so its a good start and competition between gionee and vivo is now face to face so let’s showdown and wait who is gonna defeated but vivo jumps up against the Gionee because it has the great User interface against Gionee and the only Gionee.

    • There is also the Oppo R5 abother great slim phone to add onto the mix. It will be a nice race and while many side with Gionee elife 5.1 I lean towards the Oppo R5 and am eagerly waiting for more articles on it from Phoneradar!

      • Shanky Yadav

        I am sorry to say but please visit the and search for oppo smartphone , you will find that they are available in huge quantity but still they don’t have customers . So its clear there is a dark future of oppo in India, but oppo is still trying its efforts to put and provide the best but at the price these are available is not comfortable.

  • Jugal Mudoi

    This phone looks good though it’s widely shaped design and overall looks is very premium but the price is something which would resist me or most of like me to looking to get this device because at this price too many phones are available even from Motorola or Lenovo. But it would attract people for its slim design though I’m quite sure Gionee s5.1 keeps a upper hand over this one specially for compact design and price. People wants the slimness for a comfortable holds and not always to show off what the holding. I think there’s a rivalry growing up among the these brands that they may had to compromised with design and specs and this is not so good for both they and we consumers. But overall this device looking good and ui is really funny.

    • This phone makes it slimness a detriment due to it being an uncomfortable feeling phone. Your right ait might be eadiy to resist this phone as its other two main competitors seemingly have it beat especially with its price being another setback. Im a fan of the X5’s UI though, I find it inviting!

      • Jugal Mudoi

        Yeah, agreed! And here Gionee has given to S5.1 the title as “the sexiest phone of the world” then whats in Vivo’s brain for x5. I think no word left to titled. Wish you a Merry Christmas!!

  • What do you mean by teardown btw ? A full review or one of those physical testing videos? The bend and drop and smash etc videos aren’t exactly my favorite it sucks to see good tech go to waste even if the company pays for it.

  • Guest

    Thank you so much!! Unfortunately it wasnt a merry one for me but you have to keep standing! I hope you had a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Guest

    Wow that’s unfortunate. I really thought it would fare well in its December release. Nonetheless I still have high hopes and wish for the best!

  • Thank you so much!! Unfortunately it wasnt a merry one for me but you have to keep standing! I hope you had a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Jugal Mudoi

      I don’t know why are you saying this but I hope you’re having a good time right now and may this year become more prosperous in your life. Thanks for wishing me!!! 🙂

  • Wow that’s unfortunate. I really thought it would fare well in its December release. Nonetheless I still have high hopes and wish for the best!