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Vertu’s Next Expensive Phone will be powered with TCL’s Communication Technology



Highly expensive phones are what comes to our mind when we hear the name Vertu. That’s because this UK-based company has been making these expensive luxury phones ever since they came into existence. However, now we are about to see some more expensive phones from them and this around they will be packing the TCL‘s communication technology inside them. Yes, Vertu has now announced that they now have an agreement with TCL Communication to use its tech inside Vertu’s next 30,000 phones.

If you don’t who TCL is, they have been the manufacturers for a lot of Alcatel phones and in fact, even the recently launched Blackberry keyONE is manufactured by them. So essentially this is a huge deal and it will only make Vertu’s phones even better than what are right now. Although the specifics of the deal as to what TCL will be working on or what kind of tech will be is not known yet, what we do know is that this deal is worth $40 million.

Do make a note that this deal does not change the fact that these phones will be hand-made by Vertu in their UK factory. And if you recall, Vertu was just acquired a couple months and this is technically their first big announcement since the acquisition. Well, it certainly does looks like the company has evolved a lot since then. However, it remains to be seen if the company will actually progress in terms of the sales under the new leadership.

As far the details of the new TCL powered phones are concerned, it looks like the prices will start £7,500 which roughly translates to about which roughly translates to about 6 lakhs in INR. Well at this price we at least hope these new phones will get a spec bump if not anything else. The company recently just announced their signature cobra phone which is so expensive that they will deliver it to you by a Helicopter.

Source – PRNewswire


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