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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 could feature a Pressure-Sensitive display like iPhones



After bidding a farewell to the Note 7 smartphones, it is now very clear that the company is focusing on upcoming smartphones. And when you talk about the upcoming smartphones from the company, one of the names which strike in your mind is the Galaxy S8 smartphone. While we are predicting huge hardware changes in the device, it is expected that the company will bring only the meaningful changes that are necessary. And one such feature we could think about is the pressure-sensitive display aka force touch display.

And according to some new reports which are popping out, it looks like it is happening after all. Yes, various reports suggest that the Galaxy S8 might feature a force touch display. While it is expected that the company will introduce the feature with the Galaxy S8, it might take up to 2 years for them to completely adopt the technology. Indeed it makes a lot of sense, since once you introduce a technology, it usually takes a lot of time for the developers to adopt it and implement it within their apps, etc.

When you talk about the companies which are currently taking advantage of this technology, Apple and Huawei are on the top there. And fun fact, Samsung is actually the main supplier of these pressure sensitive displays to Huawei. Hence if the company actually brings this feature to S8, we won’t be surprised at all. Then now it is just a matter of them introducing this feature and playing around with it.

Not just that, there are reports which claim that an executive from the company himself stated that the company is indeed working on this. He didn’t specifically mention for which device, but he did mention that they are working on it for one of their upcoming smartphones which are coming in the near future. With that being said, we still suggest you take this info with little less confidence since we don’t have any official confirmation on the same.

When you talk about other specs of the smartphones, it is expected that the S8 will come with the latest and the greatest from Snapdragon i.e. snapdragon 830. It will be coupled with 6GB of RAM or maybe more. However, the possibility of having more than 6GB seems highly unlikely. It is also expected that it will come with a 4K display for better VR integration, etc. We are also expecting a dual rear camera from the company since that is something which we haven’t seen from Samsung in any of their smartphones. With that being said, all these are just rumors and we suggest you wait for any kind of official confirmation from the company.

Note – The featured image display above is of Huawei Mate S.


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