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UK Citizens to Get Legal Right for 10 Mbps Minimum Broadband Speed by 2020



The Akamai’s report of average Internet speed for Q1 2017 placed India at 89th position out of 149 countries. In India, the minimum Internet speed for broadband connections is only limited 512 Kbps. Though there is no timeline mentioned, there are reports suggesting that the Government of India will increase the limit by four-fold to 2 Mbps. In Hyderabad and Bengaluru, ACT Fibernet is already offering 1 Gbps Internet speed for its customers.

While the things the certainly improving, the Government of India should quickly raise the minimum Internet speed by at least 2 Mbps. Today, the UK Government has confirmed that all their citizen will be getting at least 10 Mbps broadband connection by 2020. Once it is made into a law, the broadband providers should legally provide high-speed broadband to all their users, and there will also be a cost threshold.

British Telecommunications (BT), the leading telecommunications company in U.K, is already in the process of offering high-speed broadband through a voluntary agreement. However, the British Government will be coming soon with new regulations making it a legal right. The regulatory approach is also said to bring even more advantages to the broadband users in the country. The current 10 Mbps minimum broadband speed can be increased based on consumers requirement.

We hope other emerging nations will follow the British Government’s rule to offer broadband connection in every part of the country. Apart from the citizens, the high-speed broadband also helps the small businesses in the rural areas.


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