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Ubox App Automatically Sorts your SMS Inbox, Swiping Spam Away




People these days are so busy that they always need alternate options that can manage their things. Earlier Gmail has sorted its mail section in different columns where you can easily differentiate mails in your account, thus reducing the confusion. In a similar Ubox, a startup from Delhi has designed some similar application which sorts your normal SMS on your device into different columns and helps in easy control over all the messages.

The application is designed on the concept based on Gmail where the mails in your Google account are stored in different columns like Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums. The design of the application is simple and understandable to all the users and the data on your device remains confidential. The application splits all the messages on your smartphone in the different columns like Banks ( Store all the SMS related to Banks), Bills (Details about all the utility Bills), Bookings(Details of your travel, hotel, Match or a Movie), Chats(Stores your personal chat with your contacts) Promo( It stored the general offers provided by the network operators or any of the online stores) and Updates (Priority Messages). The app makes it easier to manage SMS conversations with your Banks, DTH, Operator and other applications in this world of over-promotion.

How does the application Work?

Step 1: You need to download the application from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the application from AppDrawer and click on “Lets Do this” on the home screen of the app.

Note: The Applications will access all the SMS and contacts available on your device to sort the data using some key phrases, and the data is secured on your device.

Step 3: While the data has been sorted you can go through the guide which will help you in better understanding the application. Once the sorting is done Continue button appears on the screen. Click on Continue to proceed further. You will be directed to the application’s main page.

The home screen comes with a menu button on the left and search option on the right and plus button to send a new SMS directly from the Ubox App. If you tap on the menu button, you will find the sorted options, i.e., Banking, Bills, Bookings, Chats, Promo, Updates, and Bookmarks.


This option shows all the bank transactions under a single column where all the banks are differentiated and comes with respective operations in order. The best thing about the bank transaction is it directly shows the amount details like debited or credited directly instead of complete transaction details and comes with a help icon which shows the full details.

If you open any message using this application you will find three options, i.e., follow, block and bookmark. The follow option is used to notify about the connecting message; block option is used to mute the further notifications and bookmark option acts a reminder for your important messages.


  • Auto Sorting
  • Normal SMS Page
  • Follow the important message
  • Mute the unwanted Message notification
  • Easy interaction


  • You cannot sort the data manually.

For example, sometimes you get OTP messages which are not system generated and hence create a mess as because this message will end by joining the chat zone which is the private chat area with contacts on your device.

I wish that applications would have been more interesting for me if it could create a backup of all the messages and helps in easy switching from one device to other. Overall Ubox is a refreshing new SMS inbox which helps users break through their SMS inbox clutter and gives them back control over their inbox.

Note: I have tested the application of few devices i.e, Samsung Galaxy S7, Le Eco LeMax, Motorola Moto X Style, LG Nexus 5X and the screenshots are taken from LeMax.

[appbox googleplay com.ubox]


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