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Uber App for Android & iOS gets the much needed overhaul – Download APK



Uber is one of the most successful transit application used by many users across the globe. Many of you reading this post might have already used the application before. And moreover, with the addition of new features like Uber Pool, where you can share the ride with someone else, makes it economically feasible as well. But probably the only issue which most of the people had was with the application itself. It is definitely not bad by any means, but if you have been a long-term user, then you already know that the app didn’t receive any major update since it redesigned in 2012.

And now after all these years, the application has been updated both on the iOS as well as Android. And now with this new update, using the app and all its different features becomes much easier than ever. And this update is mostly a visual overhaul to the app, and it doesn’t add any major features, but makes the existing features more accessible to everyone using it. And yes, there are a couple of interesting new additions that we will be taking a look at.

uber-1 uber-2 uber-3

Along with the new design, the app is now capable of learning from a user’s routine. What this essentially means is, the more you use the app to get a ride, more the chances that it will recommend where to head and make it easier to navigate. This will save a minute or two while using the app if you are in a rush. Apart from that, the developers also confirmed that they would be adding calendar integration to the app as well. This is a neat feature to see once it is added.

The addition of the calendar integration will allow the users to connect all meetings, appointments, etc. and they will appear on the main screen as “Shortcuts.” Tap on it, and it will automatically take you there. And finally, there is another new feature which is called “people are the new places.” This feature will enable users to set their destination to a person instead of a place. Hence from now on, if you are planning to meet someone, no need to meet in a place which would only show up on the map. However, for this new feature to work, you need to sync your contacts with the Uber app and then from there it is quite simple.

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Uber App users will now also be able to check transit for upcoming departures for train, subway, etc. Yelp reviews are also available within the Uber App. All these new features are quite interesting, right? Well, if you want to use them, then you can try updating the app on your Android or iOS device, as the update is now slowly rolling out globally. If you haven’t received the update yet, then check back later. Alternatively, you can also download the Uber APK given above for you Android smartphone. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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