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TZOA – A Wearable Tracker which Measures Air Pollution and UV Exposure



There were times when people were not concerned about how fresh air they were breathing. But that was some ages ago that layman wouldn’t care to know about the details of the air he/she is breathing. Though, now a day’s it’s completely different, there is a much-needed control environment needed to stay alive and have your all body parts fully functional. Not to get more dramatic, but we do have to monitor at least what’s going in our living environment. Now the company has come up to rescue us from this fear.

A new wearable goes by name TZOA, claims to be the first wearable device that can measure air quality and UV using the latest in sensor technology. Company goes by the same name has launched a Kickstarter campaign and hopes to reach its goal soon. With this enviro-tracker, you would be able to analyze how fresh and quality air you would be breathing. Though, the takeaway point here is that, with good number of TZOA out there in the world, it would be easier to crowdsource the map of environmental data of the various places and that too in real-time. Now picture, viewing air quality in your area as easily as traffic on a map.

With TZOA, you can measure harmful air pollution metrics, for instance, TZOA recognizes when you are using your fireplace, cooking, or even lighting a candle may causing you and your family harm. Now that you know how harmful your environment is, the Enviro-tracker will also give you real-time solutions. Like opening your windows for ventilation, choosing less polluted routes outdoors or making sure you are getting enough sunshine through the winters, while not too much during the summer seasons. Sometimes these little things can prevent you from being harmed to a large extent.

TZOA Smartphone App

It packs various components and sensors, which includes Air Quality, UV & Light, LED, Humidity, Temperature, USB, and Bluetooth. All this would be managed by the dedicated TZOA’s Smartphone app, which would be eventually available for both platforms, iOS and Android. It will give you full access to the detailed information on how air pollution and UV are impacting you in your daily life. While we expect this app to be full featured, the company is going to open the API so that developers can easily create more dedicated apps as well as integrate the TZOA functionality on their apps. Interesting, right.

The unique environmental tracker would cost $135 for early bird backers on Kickstarter, and the company is hoping to ship the device in August 2015. You would be able to customize the look of the TZOA, but would cost you a lot, according to the company as they would be made in small quantities.

Source: Kickstarter


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