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Two tourists die in Peru while capturing Selfies with their Smartphones



We all love to take selfies, or at least let’s say most of us do. It has reached a point where it’s not just a word anymore; it can be termed as a phenomenon. The phenomenon which is followed by many not to just create such memories, but to get more attention in the social media. We have already covered a story earlier, in which detailed analysis of the death tolls we were given. It is a mere surprise that people are risking their life to take such dangerous selfies at unusual locations and with dangerous animals etc.

Now we have yet another incident where this selfie phenomenon has taken the life of two tourists in Peru, who were trying to capture a good self-portrait. According to the reports, these two individuals lost their lives in two separate incidents. Kim Jongyeob, 28, from South Korea lost his footing while trying to take a picture on the edge of the Gocta waterfall in the north-east region of the country and fell 1,600ft to his death last. Drivers and nearby rescue teams were called in to recover the body from the base of the waterfall.

And on the same day, German tourist Oliver Park, 51, fell from a cliff overlooking Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes. Mr. Park reportedly leapt into the air while attempting to take a ‘flying’ selfie with the mountainous scenery in the background, and slipped backwards down a steep ravine at the historic citadel. Officers said Mr. Park had ignored several prominent safety warnings and got too close to the edge despite being encouraged not to. Was the risk worth it? Definitely not.

Excluding these, there have been more than 20 selfie-related deaths globally so far this year, with India having the highest fatality rate from the trend. And interestingly more people died from selfie accidents than shark attacks. Even though taking selfies and posting it online on your social media account or anywhere, in general, might be a cool idea and could get you more attention, but risking one’s life for attempting to take these portraits is just not acceptable. So next time when you are planning to try something like this, please be safe and abide by the rules and regulations to avoid accidents.


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