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Twitter Unveils its new prototype beta testing app Twttr for the public



Twitter – the microblogging site that launched more than a decade ago has been seeing some significant changes lately. The app and the website had gotten a new design overhaul recently, and the company is launching a new prototype version of the app today for a limited number of participants who get to test out new upcoming features in advance. Twitter is calling its new prototype as – twttr, which is obviously rhymed with Twitter.

Regardless of the naming, the company has taken Twitter to announce the new prototype app and also provides a link for the users who are interested in participating in this testing app. Twitter is said to be bringing noticeable features, and the testing prototype app is available for iOS users only, at least for now. If you are willing to participate in the testing app twttr, you need to head over to the link given below, wherein you are greeted with a simple survey. The survey consists of how and on which device you use Twitter on a day-to-day basis, and, what language do you speak, and your twitter handle is also required to participate in the survey.

After the survey is done, you will receive a confirmation concerning whether you are eligible or not, as stated Twitter is testing these for a limited group of people. If you’re lucky to get the confirmation, then you will get another confirmation link via mail from Twitter, after which, you can get to test the new twttr app and its features. Twitter is also requesting to share your prototype app experience and its features through a hashtag – #LetsHaveAConvo or else you are provided with an online form as well to share about your new app features and experiences. Thereafter, according to the response from these early version testers, feedback will be analyzed and the new updates suggested will be rolling out to official Twitter app or website eventually.

As for the new features is concerned, there’s isn’t any exact information on what does the new Twitter app offer. However, according to Twitter, which had hinted about this new experiment program back at CES this year, it is believed that testers can get to try out the new conversation redesign with colored replies in the thread, wherein each different color denotes different replies. For instance, the original tweet and the replies by the same handle are denoted by green color in the thread, and similarly, the people who you follow and who reply to the above mentioned original tweet, then you are greeted with a different color as well. Twitter believes this differentiation can help to go through the tweets and thread much easier, without deviating from the content and starting a new conversation in the same thread altogether.

If you want to enroll in the new experiment program of twttr – you can head over to the above mentioned tweet link, or you can click here. On the whole, this new approach from Twitter with the launch of the twttr app is to showcase their insights to the public before going officially public through the official Twitter app. So, what do you think of this new approach from Twitter? Are you willing to enroll to the prototype app? Do let us know in the comments and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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