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Turing Phone finally starts shipping, 24K Gold shipment received in Taiwan



If you have searched the internet for the most secure smartphones, then you could not have missed the Turing Phone. If you can recall, the pre-orders for this smartphone started a year ago, back in July 205. Being known for the longest pre-order in the history of smartphones, it has been reported that only a few have got their hands on one of these units. Well, now it looks like the company is putting an end to the wait and has finally decided to start shipping the units.

According to the source, one user in Taiwan who pre-ordered it back in the days, finally received the unit now. And as expected it looks stunning in the images provided by the source. If you didn’t know already, Turing Phone is a very luxurious smartphone. This is mostly known for it’s built quality and the materials used for the same. Considered to be the most innovative and secure smartphone of its kind; The Turing Phone provides world-class security by executing end-to-end mobile authentication which bypasses conventional 3rd party exposures and is insulated from malicious behavior.

Turing Phone Cadenza to feature 12GB RAM, 60MP Camera, 1TB Storage, & 4 SIM Cards Support

The Turing Phone is built with a pioneering material called Liquidmorphium, an amorphous “liquid metal” alloy tougher than either titanium or steel. The company claims that the device in your hand will be as strong as the privacy protection. Well, we can’t argue with that as of now as we don’t really know the fullest capabilities of the smartphone yet. The device shown in the images here looks kind of a unique piece. The case of the samrtphone uses the exclusive Liquidmorphium liquid metal alloys and in the middle a 24K Gold piece is added.

To the left there is a fingerprint scanner which also acts a customized data interface. As far as the specs of the smartphone is concerned, it sports a 5.5-inch display on the front which has resolution of 1920 x 1080. Under the hood is the Snapdragon 820 SoC which is coupled with 3GB of RAM. This Turing Phone runs on Sailfish OS 2.0 which is also compatibe with Android apps. As mentioned earlier, the waiting time for the smartphone was forever and as a kind gesture, the customers who waited too long have received a free upgrade from Snapdragon 801 to 820.

Also the 16GB ROM has been increased to 64GB of ROM and obviously the 64GB to 128GB. It is good to see that the company values the time the customers have put in here. While you wait for this smartphone, you should also know that the company already have a couple of smartphones lined up for future. But now, according to the founders of the company, the upcoming smartphones from them will be equipped with Snapdragon 830 SoC, 12GB RAM along with 256GB of internal storage and a whopping 60-megapixel 6K camera. If you don’t think that’s insane, then maybe you can drop the names of other devices like that in the comments section below.


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