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Try Now Button to Test Instant Apps now Rolling on the Indian Google Play Store



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At the Google I/O 2016, Google had unveiled the Instant Apps platform that would be available to the users later. This week we have started seeing the support for this feature on the Indian Play Store where you do not need to download an application & just try it with the “Try Now” Button. This way the user gets a practical preview of the application unlike the earlier way of checking out the preview images. To try this out, check out the Google Play Store on your phone and you should see the new button.

Earlier – Google Play Store suggests to Uninstalls Apps not Frequently used to Save Space
With the increasing app sizes, the users with limited storage smartphones need to uninstall unused apps for trying out any new app. But now Google automated this feature by introducing the “Uninstall Manager,” this feature is not available for all the users. This feature comes built-in with the Play Store, unlike a separate app. When you are trying to install an app with low storage space, a pop-up screen with least used apps are shown. The user can select the unnecessary apps and need to tap on continue to remove them.

Google is already offering cloud storage for uploading photos, videos, music files, and documents to free up the device storage, the files from the cloud can be easily accessed with the Google Drive, Google Photos, and Play Music apps. The entry-level smartphones come with low storage space and doesn’t support installing apps on MicroSD card. While the high-end smartphones come with limited storage space with no MicroSD card slots. With the Uninstall Manager, we can free up space by removing the least used apps.

play store uninstall manager

The Nextbit Robin, which was recently launched in India, also has the similar kind of feature. The least used apps will be stored in the cloud, but the app icons remain in the app drawer. In case the app is needed, the user can tap on the icon, and the app will be restored on the phone storage. At I/O 2016, Google also introduced the “Android Instant Apps” which gives the app interface even without downloading the app. When searched for a keyword, the Google results show the information in cards view and clicking on that will take you to the instant app.

With better optimizations, we can expect developers to trim down the size. The Facebook app on an average takes up from 150MB to 200MB storage. Hence, the company introduced the Facebook Lite for low-end devices that use less than 10MB space but also misses several features as on the main app. Not many of the global smartphone brands offer MicroSD card on their high-end devices. Xiaomi already confirmed that none of their high-end will ever offer MicroSD card support because they are intended to slow down the actual performance of the device.


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