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Truecaller for iOS now supports Smart Call History, Availability & built-in Dialer



Truecaller is one of application that most of the smartphone users use on a daily basis. It is one of the most useful apps and it has evolved a lot over the course of time. On the same lines, today the developers of Truecaller have announced new features which will be integrated into the application. These features look very promising and we hope it works well with all the devices across the platforms.

According to the developers, these new features will allow you use the application in a friendlier manner without having to looks for any other alternative. The new features include :

  • A built-in dialer. This will allow users to make all the calls directly from the Truecaller application itself.
  • Smart call history is another addition to the list. This will replace all the unknown numbers in your call history, with real names and faces. So you don’t have to worry about saving each and every number in your contact list.
  • Another addition is the new availability feature. This will show you if your friends are available to take calls before you initiate the call. So no more call waiting messages!
  • Built-in T9 search to find the contacts quickly.
  • Finally, the app also has a new design and app icon to help you use the application to replace the dialer if you wish to.

Note that, the Turecaller application has on iOS still does not work natively, like it works on Android Operating System. This is mainly because of the iOS restrictions by the company and there no possible fix. But this probably might be the most useful workaround for iOS. The developers also stated that they are working hard to get ready for the launch of iOS 10, since it includes the new CallKit functionality. Using that will allow Truecaller to work even more seamlessly with the iPhone. Let’s see what the developers bring to the table with the new update. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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