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TransAtlantic Flight makes Emergency Landing after Smoke Coming from Samsung Tablet



After the good initial sales of Galaxy Note 7 in the first two weeks, Samsung had a nightmare with the battery explosions of the device. The company stopped the sales of the device all over the world and also announced to replace all the 2.5 million handsets sold in the early days. Apart from Galaxy Note 7, we also saw explosions of Galaxy S7 smartphones and recently the Galaxy Note 2. The four years old Galaxy Note 2 was exploded on a Chennai to Singapore flight.

In less than a week after Galaxy Note 2 explosion, now the Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Amestradam made an emergency landing after the smoking coming from an unknown Samsung Galaxy tablet. While the earlier incidents were caused due to the battery explosions, the Delta Flight incident happened due to the external errors. According to the officials, the Galaxy Tablet was jammed under the seat cover and later there was a foul smell coming out from the tablet along with the smoke.

As an emergency, the flight was diverted to nearby Manchester airport. Though there was no fire caught up onboard, the seat was replaced and two hours later, the flight resumed its journey to Amsterdam. Unlike the Galaxy Note 7 explosions, this incident cannot be blamed on Samsung. The external pressure over the tablet might be the reason for the smoke. The details from the official investigation will be announced soon.

Whereas in the Galaxy Note 2 incident, the device was caught fire onboard the flight. The device is said to be placed in the baggage placed in the overhead cabin. However, the flames are put off with the fire extinguisher, and the flight was safely landed in the Singapore. While the Indian government earlier banned Galaxy Note 7 on the flights, few airlines also made announcements not to use any Samsung device on the flights.

Now the replacement units which are safer will be launched here in India on October 7th. Interestingly, the same day Apple will also launch their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India. Let’s see how the safer Galaxy Note 7 will compete against the popular and powerful iPhones.


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