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Best Sports Wearable Cameras for Recording Action Videos



Sony AS100V

The wearable cameras has been in the business since quite a time, but in the last five years we have seen them grow from taking 480p photos to 4K video shooting now. Down the line, the action cameras have come far away and seen many innovation as well as creativity by its consumers through viral videos. To record those moments you need best action cameras, and to help you with the decision we have made a list of some of the top performing cameras you can choose for your next adventure.

Here is the list of some top wearable action cameras available in the market right now.

GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition GoPro cameras have been in the market for almost a decade now, and with time the company has introduced the new capabilities to its market-leading wearable tech. Currently, the company has Hero 3+ product in market, which is used by most of the sports fans and professional filmmakers to capture high quality media contents.

The GoPro Hero 3+ is a versatile action camera that can shoot ultra –wide 1080p and spotless 4K video along with the support of shooting 11MP photos. The device also comes with a 60m underwater housing support and has several mounting options to attach it to your bike helmet, mount on top of your sports car or anything you can think of, as device is small and light enough to be installed anywhere as permanent or temporary use.

In the realm of wearable devices, the GoPro Hero 3+ is the little showstopper that does not know any boundaries. You can monitor all your activities as well as operate the camera and access its swarm settings via the dedicated GoPro app, which connects your smartphone through its in-built Wi-Fi.

Price: $399.99 (Black Edition)


While the HTC Re might not be the professional action camera, as a company is only touting it as a standalone handheld camera. But the accessories offered for the same makes it more of a camera that you can take it with you on an adventure. The HTC Re packs a 16MP1/2.3” Sony CMOS sensor, which is a wide angle camera, at least widest than any smartphone cameras. With its light weight of 66.5 grams, the device is pretty much very easy to carry except the fact that it needs a viewfinder.


The Re can shoot Full HD 1080p videos at a 30fps (frames per second) rate, as well as can record slow motion videos of 4x, which would be of HD 720p quality. The 146 degree super wide angle lens allows the device to never miss anybody in a capture and the f2.8 aperture allows it to take great shots even in the low light visibility.

For connectivity, the device comes with a Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and a 5-pin microUSB, while the photos can be stored on a microSD card. With a battery of 820mAh, it supports almost 2 hours of continuous 1080p video recording. The device comes with a clip on that will cost you extra $14.99, but then again, it is one of the best action cameras you will get under $200 that is also waterproof.

Price: $169, Clip-on $14.99

Drift Ghost-S

Drift Ghost-S Even though, GoPro is the popular camera among action enthusiasts and filmmakers, Drift has introduced some viable alternative for Hero 3+. The Ghost-S has in-built Gorilla Glass LCD monitor that allows better framing of the moments. For your convenience, the wearable tech comes with a belt mounted remote that features a flashing light to indicate whether the device is recording or not.

The Drift Ghost-S is capable to shoot wide 160˚video with support of several different frame rates varying form 25fps at 1080p to 240fps low resolution slow motion video contents. The advantage it gives over GoPro is that you can handle this rubbery camera while you have gloves on, as well as swivel the lens for a full 360˚ fuss-free helmet mounting. Just like GoPro its built-in Wi-Fi support allows smartphone app to take control of the device easily.

Price: $369.99

Sony AS100V

Sony AS100V` If any company is positioned to give tough competition to the market leading Hero 3+ is Sony. The Japanese electronics giant may have arrived late to the wearable party, but it made sure that they will stay long in the market with recently launched AS100V.

With its powerful new addition to its POV action camera range, company is aggressive to put its competition behind. The AS100V’s flat cylindrical body allows it to wear on wrist as well as it nicely fits for helmet use. Addition of SteadyShot stabilisation irons out even the shakiest footage taken by cam, which is an ideal choice for any heavy action sports like mountain or dirt biking.

The AS100V comes with a field view of 170° and 120°, supporting digital image stabilisation. For 1080p footage it supports frame rate of 30 and 60 fps (24fps in pro mode) which varies up to 120fps for 720p footage. Its dimensions are 3.23 x 0.96 x 1.85 inches as it weighs only 86 grams. This wearable tech is powered by a 1240 mAh lithium-ion battery. Sony’s action cam can house 5 meter underwater and supports few adhesive mounts. There is also an option of wrist watch style Live View remote control, which is sold separately.

Price: $230, $368 (Live View Remote Control)

Garmin VIRB Elite

Garmin VIRB Elite A popular GPS devices manufacturer, Garmin, has jumped into the action camera market with its VIRB Elite. A head mountable rugged camera that touts its ANT+ sensor and remote connectivity with you smartphone and a dedicated app, which allows seeing of live action being captured by the device.

The VIRB Elite also comes with a wireless sensor that takes temperature, speed and heart rate, giving you all the live action data via the same dedicated app. It sports a 16MP CMOS image processor that can record Full HD (1080 pixels resolution) video recording at 30fps, as well as slow motion videos can be shoot up to 120fps at a decent 848x 480 resolution. Company claims 3 hours of battery life while recording a 1080p videos, which is not bad. It also comes with IP X7 rating that states the device is rugged, durable and is water resistance.

Price: $274.51

Panasonic HX-A500E

Panasonic HX-A500E Panasonic’s presence in wearable camera is completely different; company has taken a unique approach by separating its camera into two parts with umbilical cord connecting both ends. On one end is a fixed lens, sensor, mono microphone assembly, while the other end contains the recording system that houses a 1.5-inch LCD screen and three control buttons, including a joystick for navigating the menu.

This unique approach proves great for users like skydivers and kayakers, who tends to mount their action camera to the side of their heads. But sadly, it limits the usability of this powerful 4K camera as it will not be good for mounting on machinery like bikes and boats. The A500 comes with image stabilisation, a rotating lens and a feature to take level shot, which allows it to keep the horizon straight.

Price: $381


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