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Top Secret of getting Free Replacement of Broken iPhone revealed by Ex-Apple Employee



Apple offers one of the best retail store experience. Even their customer service is on point when it comes to complains. But all of this comes with a price and that is something most of the people can’t afford maybe because they spent all their money buying an iPhone. Anyway, let’s not discuss about that. If you have always wondered what is it like to work in one of these retail shops. I mean obviously there might be many secrets that won’t see the light of the day. After all, things are always interesting or rather different than what we see from outside.

What better way to find out other than asking someone who works there or maybe who has previously been a part of the workspace. Well a recent story from Thrillist tells us just that. But we are not here to discuss about everything in detail. But we would like to disclose one thing which is quite interesting. It is on how you can get your iPhone replaced for free.

So according to an ex-Apple employee, there are certain loopholes that allow people to get free replacement iPhone from Apple. This might not work for everyone, but hey, you are welcome to give a try. All it takes is a little bit of research about your phone’s issues and a way to take it up to the center. So according to the example given by this ex-apple worker, there is an issue of a film slipping over the camera lens. Now this is not common, but it could show up on your iPhone 6. So now, if your screen is broken and you go for a replacement, then the chances are, you will be asked to pay for the replacement. But if you go ahead and tell them about the known issue which you read online, they would be more than happy to replace your smartphone even if its broken.

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So maybe next time, when you want to get your iPhone or iPad replaced, then you should probably do some research and find out ways to get it done like this. Because you can’t fool them by tricking or making it look like something actually happened to your smartphone. Basically the employees are categorised in four types for different job roles and each one of them are given intensive training, so that they can’t be fooled or tricked into getting something done. But in such cases mentioned above, there is no workaround. They have to replace them. But let’s not make this a common practice and keep doing it. We should respect their work and services that they are offering to us as customers. However, it is worth giving a shot at least once.


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