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Top Health & Fitness Related Gadgets From Xiaomi that you should Buy



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In the last couple of years, we have seen several health-related equipments getting smarter with advanced features. However, these smart devices come with a hefty price tag if you purchased from the traditional brands. While Xiaomi recently entered into TV market in India, it set its foot in much broader sectors in China via its subsidiaries (Check out our “Everything Xiaomi” for Xiaomi’s complete portfolio of products). The company has launched quite a few smart health gadgets in the Chinese market. Most of them can be purchased via resellers without any shipping charges.

Below is the list of top health & fitness related gadgets from Xiaomi that you should buy.

Xiaomi Muscle (Massage) Stimulator

The Xiaomi Muscle (Massage) Stimulator is a unique gadget from Xiaomi’s sub-brand called LF Mini. It comes in multiple patches that you can apply over your body. Just place the patch along with the sensor and it offers you electrical stimulation in different patterns. Just put it on the affected area and start the stimulator, it performs the actions for 15 minutes giving you a good relief for the pain. The box comes with 2 patches each and they can be re-used upto 50 times separately. The cost of the complete set is around Rs. 1,600 (~ $25).

Viomi Aromatherapy Humidifier

If you are living in a place with a lot of dry air, its time to take a look at the Viomi’s Aromatherapy Humidifier. Viomi is one of the subsidiaries of Xiaomi. Talking about the humidifier, it comes with multiple functions including a built-in Bluetooth speaker to play music from your smartphone. The Humidifier quietly releases fragrant mist into the air for a better air with moisture that helps in better sleep, less cough and reduce dry sinus. It also comes with automatic light changing feature for giving you a better mood and for indicating when the water quantity is low. The cost of the Viomi Aromatherapy Humidifier is Rs. 3,500 (~ $55).

Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer

Xiaomi’s new digital thermometer is called as iHealth Thermometer. It shows the body temperature directly on the LED display, so it doesn’t require to be connected to a smartphone every time. It comes with the advanced German Heimann sensor and can detect the temperature in just one second. You do not need to wake up the baby or annoy them because the iHealth Thermometer doesn’t need to be in physical contact with the body. This advanced thermometer from Xiaomi costs just Rs. 1,800 (~ $28).

Xiaomi Yueli Electric Pedicure Machine

This little machine is for your feet where you can use the 360-degree rotating roller to remove the dead, dry, rough & chapped skin from your leg. It has an Emery Grinding wheel that easily removes the dead skin. This machine is also IPX7 certified, so you can wash or use this under the running water. You can easily disassemble and replace the grinding wheel with the extra 1 unit you get within the package. However, the package comes with a proprietary dock for charging the unit. The cost of the Xiaomi’s Yueli Electric Pedicure Machine is Rs. 3,000 (~ $45).

Mi Scale 2 with BMI

Compared to the original Mi Scale, the Mi Scale 2 additionally gives you the BMI Data with detailed analysis. It comes with an ultrathin design and sports a hidden LED display. The ABS Material is pretty durable and you can know 10 health-related information with just one check. Just stand on the scale and you will get the information on the Mi Fit app like BMI, Body Fat, Water Level in Body, Fat Level in Body, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass and finally you get to know if your weight is normal or overweight. The total weight limit is 5 kgs to 150 kgs and it costs Rs. 2,500 (~ $40).

Xiaomi Soocas Electric Toothbrush

The Soocas Electric Toothbrush from Xiaomi comes with smart programs that help you managing dental hygiene. The product comes with a 1000mAh battery that lasts for almost a month on a single charge. You can choose from different customized settings with different intensity & brushing time. It can be easily controlled using the smartphone app and also shows how good you have brushed. This IPX7 certified Soocas Electric Toothbrush costs you Rs. 3,500 (~ $60).

Viomi Electric Filter Kettle

This electric filter kettle is another interesting product from Viomi. It offers you with clean and fresh water and the unit also comes with UV light sterilization that is free from side effects. The kettle is made with food-grade AS & ABS material and is available only in 1.5 liter capacity. Inside the kettle is an activated carbon filter that makes sure no bacteria growth happens and keeps the water clean. The Viomi Electric Filter Kettle is currently available for Rs. 4,000 (~ $60).

Xiaomi N95 AirWear Face Mask

If you live in a metro city, the chances are that you are living in bad air quality & wearing a mask is very important. Xiaomi has launched a few models of face masks in China. The N95 AirWear is one of them and it comes with PM0.3 level protection. It has a dual setup where the outer shell comes with air holes and the disposable inner filter cleans the air that passes through it. You can easily adjust the ear hook and it also lightweight to wear it for longer durations. One unit of the Xiaomi N95 AirWear face mask costs Rs. 1,100 (~ $18).

Xiaomi Purely KN95 Face Mask

Compared to the N95 AirWear face mask, the Purely KN95 face mask comes with an advanced air filter.This PM2.5 face mask sports a filter with 550mAh rechargeable battery for cleaning the air. You can also manually adjust the fan speed between three different modes. The mask helps you discard dust, smoke, carbon monoxide & formaldehyde in the air and gives you a clean air. With the advanced air filter system, it costly slightly on the higher side at Rs. 2,500 (~ $40).

Miaomiaoce Smart Thermometer

If you are in a situation where your kid is ill and you would like to continuously monitor the temperature, then the Miaomiaoce Smart Thermometer from Xiaomi is the go-to product. This product detects baby temperature every 2.5 seconds and the data will be synced with your smartphone and also raise an alarm if it goes very high. I personally feel this is an important product because once you stick this to the baby, it can notify if the temperature goes very high even in the middle of the night. Talking about the price, the Miaomiaoce Smart Thermometer can be yours for Rs. 1,600 (~ $25).

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