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Top 5 Privacy & Mobile Security Apps for Android Smartphones



There are more than billion Android handsets on the planet right now that are being actively used, and should already know about it that Google’s popular mobile OS has its security drawbacks. Imagine a bug so vulnerable to a hack that it would potentially affect millions of handsets. Would you want your device to be one of them? No, right! So, we suggest you install these top recommended Privacy and Mobile Security Apps on your Android smartphones that you can depend upon for safe use.


Ghostery App

As an alternative browser, the internet privacy based add-on, Ghostery, is available for Android as well as iOS devices. While browsing on the app, it allows the users to view trackers, web bugs as well as ways through which advertising networks and internet companies are tracing and viewing your online habits. The private browser then displays the extra information available from these ad networks. You’ll get links to their privacy policies and any opt-out options. Note that it is available as an extension for Firefox users on mobile.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store


Avast App

The top pick for all-in-one antivirus, security and backup toolkit, the Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus is the best app you’ll need to install on all your Android devices. With a vast set of tools in this app, you can scan for virus, block unknown calls and SMSs, as well as with privacy advisor tool you can know better which apps are requesting the high amount of permissions. So, that you can review whether you should be having that app removed or not. This is all you get in the free version while the premium would get you advanced anti-theft tools and data backup features.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store


Orbot App

You must have this service if you’re travelling to a place where many web services are blocked by the government in their country. A free proxy app, OrBot, would your Android device to connect to Tor, which is an anonymous network. Many governments block popular services like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. in their respective countries for some reasons. But consumers living in those countries or travelling to those countries are unable to access the above services. What they can do is use the OrBot app and browse the internet securely. You can get more fun out of OrBot if your Android device is rooted. If you’re browsing on a rooted device using this service, rest assured all of your internet traffic (i.e. all apps) would be going through Tor. Interesting, right!

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store


Wikr App

If you’re not fond of companies tracking your messages on the chat services you use, which may also make your messages susceptible to hack, if the company is not using a secure server. For those who are paranoid about exchanging messages, this app allows its users to send private, encrypted self-destructing messages. But do make a note that other users need to be on Wickr app too. Taking privacy seriously, you get strong encryption implementation as well as there won’t be any metadata left about the timestamps and locations. Meanwhile, the app is integrated with a secure shredder that would allow you to erase messages, files and any kind of attachments securely. Potentially, it would be unrecoverable.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store


SpiderOak App

Ever wanted a secured storage online? Well, there is one such app that offers top of the line privacy when it concerns the online storage. See apps like Dropbox, Google Drive aren’t really private services, and moreover, they’re more out in the open with tons of data. You can have secured online storage with SpiderOak. This app’s main selling point is “Zero Knowledge” privacy, which means there is an end-to-end encryption and only you know the password, as a company don’t store them on their servers. If anyone is snooping around your file, they’ll only see folder numbers and encrypted data. You get 2GB of free data when you sign up for the service, or you can get a premium plan for $10 per month that would provide 100GB storage space. Note that there are even more options available at higher pricing.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

Now that you have seen the list start downloading the above apps and be the private person you wanted to be. Browse whatever you want in whichever country you want. Ciao!


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