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Top 5 Best Pregnancy Apps for iOS / phone



If you are pregnant, then there are countless questions that immediately come to mind. “What foods should i avoid?”, “Should I exercise or not?”, and would like to know about the situations of your baby and health. Then, here is a list of top 5 best pregnancy apps that would provide you the resourceful information.

Baby Bump


Baby Bump is a pregnancy tracker and health social network for expecting families. Baby Bump is a comprehensive pregnancy app that keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy and enables tracking and sharing the experience with family and friends. It has a pregnancy forum where you can meet other parents from across the world. This app has a countdown widget that helps you to enter last due date or calculate from last menstrual Period(LMP). It also shows progressing bar and lets you know the time remaining until delivery. Weeks and days are remaining and trimester information is also provided by this app. The additional feature of this app is Daily Info/Images, Journal/Weight tracking, Graphic Charts, Contraction Tracker, Kick Counter and Photo Slideshows. The baby name is one more feature of this app that has the list of names that you can choose for your baby.

Price: Free

Download: App Store



The Pregnancy+ app offers all the basic features like the diary to add notes, personal weight log, kick counter, contraction timer and much more. The app provides the thousands of popular names from all over the world. You can track your pregnancy daily and weekly. It also provides images of fetal development as computer animation, a 2D ultrasound scan or a 3D ultrasound scan. There is no community support for the users of this app. There is a baby shopping list to which you can add items for shopping, and the app also has the baby size guide to provide you the estimated size

Price: Free

Download: App Store

My Pregnancy Today

my pregnancy today

Baby Center’s My Pregnancy Today app is the most popular app on Play Store, with this app you can track the pregnancy’s progress day-to-day. The best feature is the Bumpie tool, with which you can capture the growing belly. It also provides a checklist to track your appointments, videos, nutrition guide and due date calculator. The app has a feature called “Birth Clubs” to connect with other mothers-to-be who are also due at the same time to share experiences and get advice.

Price: Free

Download: App Store

I’m Expecting Pregnancy

i'm expecting preganancy

I’m expecting pregnancy app allows you to track your pregnancy symptoms and provide you good visuals how your pregnancy is progressing. You can clarify your questions through the pregnancy forums.

The app provides you the weight tracker, a kick counter, a diary and information about your fetal development. It provides you the tips for healthy eating during conception, pregnancy and fitness exercises. Interestingly, you can sync all the data with other apps of the developer.

Price: Free

Download: App Store

Pregnancy sprout


Pregnancy sprout is one of the best pregnancy apps that guides you best through your pregnancy. This app gives daily and weekly information about you and your developing baby. It has the most stunning color images and 3D models of fetal development. There is an option like my Journal where you can capture all your special moments you have along the way. This app includes the useful tools like Weight Tracker, Kick counter and contraction Timer.

Price: Free

Download: App Store


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