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Top 5 Best Prank Apps for Android Smartphones



Top 5 Best Prank Apps

The pranks might have existed in one or another way since the dawn of the mankind, it is because of that we see so many pranks being quickly made their way into app stores. This is a generation of smartphones, and, therefore, the apps might be most creative and easiest ways through which you can play quite good pranks on your friends and family. And if you’re looking for the best prank apps for your Android devices, then you’re at the right place. We can save you the trouble of browsing the Google Play Store by presenting you the top 5 best prank apps for your Android devices.

Motion Fart

Motion Fart

This is a hilarious prank, and you would know it if have tried to embarrass your friends with fart noise around him. It offers a one-click fart button as well as you can make it motion activated with a 10 seconds timer. There are hundreds of apps that utilize this feature, but this app offers a more intuitive way of doing. More importantly it is a completely free of cost.

Crack Your Screen

This is a classic mobile phone joke, earlier pranked as wallpaper, but the developers have implemented this too. Now decorate your friends display with this app and make them believe that there device’s screen is broken. You won’t believe how realistic it would look until you try. They would go bananas if they suddenly see their device have a broken glass.

Lie Detector

This app equips your smartphone with a lie detector tool, but not exactly the real one. It can perfectly pretend to detect that someone is lying or whether telling the truth. Of, course, the app would only fool the friends those who doesn’t know about this app. There is no phone that features a fingerprint sensor in the inside; although, the app has a pretty convincing interface. And a live binary background adds the realistic effect to it.



It is probably the most downloaded prank app on the Google Play Store. If you thought, the prank call idea was old age, and it would not work now, well think again. This developer has made more than 100 plus scenarios for prank calls available on their Prankdial app. It allows you to call your friends and prank them with those hilarious scenarios. So, get started, install the app and prankdial your friends and family.

Audio Blaster

Emitting a high-frequency sound, this app would certainly confuse the nearby people that there is some missile approaching the target. As long, no one knows that it is coming from your smartphone, you’ll probably feel like you’re a great prankster. Pranking your friends is made easy with this app. The interface is quite simple, just tap on the start button and your friends would hear the high pitch sound suddenly, with that they are bound to get stunned by it.


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