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Top 5 Features of the Gionee F103 Pro Smartphone



Gionee, the Chinese mobile manufacturer, has recently launched their latest handset in the Fashion focused F series of the handset. The F103 Pro is company’s new offering to its Indian consumers at a price point of Rs 11,990. The device is available for purchase through the online and offline store as well. The brand is known for its strong offline stores market share. Although, it is not the first time that company would be selling their handset online for the first time.

Today we are decoding the device and will find out the top five features of the device. Check it out below.


Gionee has always been good with design, as we have used their slim handset series, which is an acclaimed series of the handset that company launched over the past years with sturdy and slim construction. Now they have implemented that learning on their fashion focused F103 Pro smartphone. The latest handset sports a fancy gold finish on the rear side of the device. Note that we have the gold color variant, the color may vary accordingly. You can notice company’s brand new logo, which was launched last year in notice embedded in the center, while company’s name is written on the bottom, just above speaker grill. Overall, the design feels sturdy, comfortable and stylish to show off in the public.


Well, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine on this handset when we talk about the specifications. As in this price range, you could easily get a handset with 1080p display and a 5.5-inch size screen. But then, why should you even consider a display with 5-inch real estate and a 720p resolution. It is simple! Because the display has an amazing color output. Yes, you have read that right. The color reproduction on the F103 Pro screen is true to nature, despite the absence of AMOLED panel. While the display isn’t the bezeless, it does offer end-to-end viewing experience all thanks to the 2.5D curved edge. You can all crib about how it isn’t on par with most handsets in the price range, but the result matters, not the promise.


Hey there, Amigo! No, I’m not talking about you, my dear reader. It is the name of Gionee’s custom software interface, which saw a makeover during the Android Lollipop times. The software on the F103 Pro comes with a handful of improvements, as it is now based on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. The Amigo OS is particularly customizable Android skin with lots of apps pre-loaded on the device. Well, you don’t have to worry about the storage, though. You get plenty of space free; moreover, you can expand the storage as well for all your media needs. The interface welcomes you with a beautiful changeable lock screen background with a quote. The default apps launch pretty fast, and you’ll see as like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and a couple of handful social and utility apps pre-installed on this handset. An interesting fact is that you can uninstall these apps if you don’t want them. All in all, we liked the software experience on this Amigo OS, and you might like it too.

Gionee F103 Pro (13)


The camera package on the handset isn’t quite interesting regarding the megapixel count. Though, it isn’t that bad at all. This is exactly what many consumers would think. But that it should not be the perception as the megapixel count isn’t everything. Before I mention the megapixel counts of the device, I would like you to see the camera samples of the device. See the gallery; take a look at all the camera samples. They are captured in auto mode in the artificial light. Now wouldn’t you say that they look pretty impressive! Well, you should, because they are. The color reproduction, white balance and saturation levels are fantastic in these outputs. Well, these captures are from the rear module that is a 13MP module with LED Flash support. There is no fancy autofocus technology in play here. The front facing camera is of 5-megapixel, and it takes good selfies, not amazing, but fine. You can count the camera package as quite a fantastic setup.


Usually, we don’t see Connectivity as a major USP of the device, but it’s the main point of having a smartphone. You need a seamless and high quality supported hardware for better call quality. That is what you get here on this F103 Pro smartphone. The device support 4G LTE network support, which offers faster data connection and more stable call connectivity. Moreover, this handset supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE), which means you can use VoLTE supported network SIM for faster mobile data speeds, as well as HD call quality. Note that according to the company; the device also supports CDMA technology. That means you should be able to use a CDMA enabled SIM card on this handset.

So, you saw the top five features of the Gionee F103 Pro, which includes the incredible design, fantastic display, clean interface, great camera package and superior connectivity.

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