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Top 5 Features of the Meizu M3 Note Smartphone



Meizu is all set to announce its M3 Note in the country next month, which has got us all excited. And we know our readers are too. Since it is being touted as the killer mid-range handset. Competing with handsets like Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and LeEco Le 1s, which are considered one of the best handsets in that range. The M3 Note was first launched in China earlier this month; we were present at the event and went hands-on with the device in an exclusive video.

Later, you saw us posting several posts about the device, comparisons with Redmi Note 3 and Le 1s. As well as our detailed of the M3 Note is now also published, which we would recommend you to take a read before you buy this device, regardless of which country you’re residing. Now we are bringing you the top five features that we liked about the device, which should encourage you to think about this device if you’re in a market for hunting a mid-range device.

Gesture Options

There are not many brands keeping their focus on the things that matters when it comes to user experience. With Meizu offering several useful gesture options, it’s quite easy to use some features on the handset. The gesture feature that I like allows me to draw a letter and open a dedicated app. There are few letters that the lock screen would recognize and based on what operation you’ve selected it will open that once you draw that letter. It’s not a premium feature that will take a lot of work in providing it. The double tap to wake up feature was quite convenient, which should be made mandatory on all Android smartphones.

Meizu M3 Note - Fingerprint Sensor

Fast Fingerprint Sensor

One of the most significant needs these days in terms of security on the smartphones is the biometric sensor. If a device has a fingerprint sensor, it is more secure than a handset with no biometric sensor. Well, that is the perception among the consumers. Though, it is quite true to some extent. The fingerprint sensor on the M3 Note is quite fast, and the fact that it is placed on the front makes it more convenient. Because let’s face it, a fingerprint sensor on the rear doesn’t always help, as we are not always holding our devices in hand. Most of the times it is lying on our desk. It is one of the USP of this handset; this biometric sensor is quite responsive, unlike most of the handset in this range such as the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note.

Camera Package

The camera package on this handset is quite good when compared with some handsets in this price range. It might not beat the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and LeEco Le 1s, but it is quite good in taking pictures in natural and artificial light, excluding the low-light performance. The rear module is of 13-megapixel resolution while the front-facing module has a 5-megapixel resolution. Talking about the features, the sensor uses PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) Technology to ensure that faster focusing is done as well as larger details are being captured. Overall, the device offers a good camera package for the price it comes. If you’re keen to see how the camera outputs look, well, you can head out to our detailed review post and check out the camera samples there.

Meizu M3 Note Review

Big Battery

There is a big battery installed on this handset in order to make sure that you get at least a day’s charge even with heavy usage. And that’s what is the first step to making sure the battery life of the device is good. The battery capacity that we are talking about here is the 4100mAh. It is quite interesting to see that despite the large battery capacity, it doesn’t feel bulky at all. The reason behind it is that the company uses a high-density battery pack that enables them to make sure the thickness and weight remain in less. We have been using this handset for quite a while, and we can state that its battery life is on par with what you saw on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, which in my opinion has the best battery life in the sub 10K category handsets.

Metal Build

Meizu M3 Note - Rear side

Since the device is not yet announced in India or any other country for a fact; we are considering the price tags it has been launched with, in China. At 799 Yuan (Approx. Rs 8,250) you’re getting a handset with metal body, and not just any metal body, but it is by far the sturdiest metal construction we have seen in a handset with such affordable price tag. You get beautifully design smartphone with 2.5D curved glass protection on display, which doesn’t only gives better protection than just the coating, but also offering attractive design. A glamorous look if I say.

These are the five features that we thought are the USP of the Meizu M3 Note. The only thing that should be stopping for you to buy this handset is that it’s yet to be launched in India. If you’re residing in China, then you should go ahead and buy this handset. For the Indian consumers, the handset should be available sometime in May as the brand has announced that they are going to launch the M3 Note on May 11th.


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