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Top 5 Best Torrent Apps for Android Smartphones



Every smartphone launched in the recent time can do more than just calling and browsing internet, they can also be used for watching movies or listening to music with some good quality. The days when we download the files on to our PC and then transfer them to our mobile are now gone, there are many Torrent apps which can download content with good speeds. Almost all the torrents apps work in the same way and share some common features like opening a torrent file to download the content or opening a magnet file directly from your browser. Here are the top 5 best torrent apps that are listed for free on the Google Play Store.

BitTorrent (or) µTorrent


The BitTorrent and µTorrent are the apps which come to mind when thought of torrents. Both the apps have same UI, same functionalities and are only differed by their names. The torrents can be downloaded to a location selected by you with unlimited download speed. It can search for torrents and also comes with RSS subscription. Wi-Fi only mode in the app helps you in downloading the torrents when connected through Wi-Fi, thus saving your mobile data.

Price: Free

Download: BitTorrent , µTorrent

aTorrent – torrent downloader


The aTorrent app can catch the magnet links from the browser and download them instantly. It can allow you to set the torrent to download only when the device is getting charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network. By using this you can saved up your battery life. You can download multiple torrents parallely. The supported protocols include BitTorrent P2P, DHT, Advanced DHT Bootstrap, HTTP and UDP trackers.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

Flud – Torrent Downloader


Flud app has all the basic features of a torrent app and some extra settings like downloading in a particular sequence, moving the files while downloading. It allows you to select which files to download from the torrent that has several files. The basic version contains Ads and is listed for free, while ads-free version is priced at $2 with no added features other than the ones already been on free version.

Price: Free, $2

Download: Google Play Store

Torrent Downloader Client

torrent downloader client

Torrent Downloader Client also called as Torrento has one of the best search systems among all the torrent apps. With this app, it is very easy to complete the partially downloaded files. The app doesn’t have any restrictions for speed or size of the torrent. The app has the setting to download on Wi-Fi and while the device getting charged only. It shows the download status in the notification bar.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

Vuze Torrent Downloader


Vuze is the only ads-free app listed on Play Store for free. It offers all the basic functionalities of a torrent app. It even has Auto-start and Wi-Fi only mode to download the torrents. The network settings can be configured manually and comes with a built-in search. It even alerts you when a download is completed.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

Note: We have put two apps together, because they’re the most familiar names and thus giving chance to enter one of the other popular apps in the top five list.


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