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Top 3 Safe Driving Apps for Android Smartphones



We all like to use our smartphones all the times. This fact has been cleared up when we studied the effects of blue light emitting from those smartphones that we put in front of our faces all day. It leads to eye fatigue and could damage the retina and cause various types of issues. There is an adverse effect of every bad habit. So, does using your smartphone while driving!

That’s why we are writing this article to help you overcome that addiction of using apps by recommending your apps. We are not joking here. Below recommended top 3 apps would help you tackle the usage of smartphones at minimal while you keep your focus on the road as you drive safely.


You are driving, but still using your smartphone? We wouldn’t want you to get distracted while doing so. Most apps would just restrict you to use any functionality on your device, while it detects that you’re on the move and most probably on the driver seat. The DriveMode app offers you an interface that is just so simple and gesture-oriented that you won’t have to look at it as you drive.

The foremost thing that it takes care of your destination as you open the app and enter your destination, it will open the Google Maps by default as your navigation app. You can easily switch between the apps as DriveMode runs on top of apps. For instance, if you’ve opened Google Maps, then you’ll see the sidebar on the left by default. Once you swipe right with it, you’ll see the interface of DriveMode.

The interface is quite intuitive as it allows you to navigate with gestures; moreover, it also vibrates when you touch. While driving if you’re using navigation, it’s hard to use any of the apps if you want to. Not that you should, but this app makes it easier for you to use services like calling, texting and even playing music. You don’t have to use the system’s default app switching UI, which is annoying in any customized or stock form, as it demands attention. While the app is switching on this transportation app is pretty easy.

Moreover, you can set some interesting settings such as auto reply calls with pre-defined texts, as well as auto read incoming messages. Set favorite contacts and apps to switch quickly between the apps. You can also change the navigation app to HERE Maps or Sygic, other than Google Maps.

[appbox googleplay]


Robin Labs, the maker of this app, touts it as the Siri Challenger and to one extent it may be a personal assistant, but the app is officially listed on Google Play Store under Transportation section. And we know why! Because its assistance is only for your road trip/commute. Having a voice assistant solely for keeping our eyes on the road is something every smartphone consumer who drives a lot would need.

It will suggest activation when the movement is detected, once you tap yes, you can start using the app. R is the trigger button, once you tap on it, you can ask for the direction by saying “How do I get home?”, Or ask Robin to text your contact name and dictate the message. All this interaction would be happening over the app’s interface only. Moreover, you could ask the app to post status and tweet on Facebook and Twitter. You can do everything and still keep your focus on the road and don’t get distracted by the smartphone.

[appbox googleplay com.magnifis.parking]


Utilizing the material design language, AutoMate gives you a pretty sleek app that is your one-stop shop for all your needs during driving. First thing is the Maps service that you would need to navigate to your destination. The maps on this app do look familiar to the Google Maps, the maybe company has integrated those in the app itself. The Interesting point is that you don’t need to look into tiny notification bar to check the battery, time, or network status, as it is integrated into the app itself with big icons that would be visible easily.

The tabbed interface allows you to switch swiftly between dialing a number from recent call log to searching contact lists. You can also control music playing on your device. The app supports third-party applications other than Google Play Music. You control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness, and rotation of the screen. The center tab will showcase the current location and speed with which you’re driving, which you don’t necessarily need it since you would have a speedometer on your vehicle. The app will default showcase the data captured by accelerometer sensor on the device, but if you want that data to be synced with apps like Torque or Vinli, then you can select that too. They’re separate apps to measure vehicle’s details such as torque, acceleration, and lot more.

That part of the app goes into the health of your vehicle if you’re interested in that stuff. There is a premium subscription available for this app for around Rs 200. That will give you access to more startup options, as well as would allow you to set the app as a launcher. Moreover, you’ll also receive alerts when approaching red lights and speed cameras in your route to the destination.

[appbox googleplay com.bitspice.automate]

These top three apps listed above are the best for your usage during driving, as they promote safe driving. We hope you’ll install one of them at least on your Android smartphones for the safer journey!


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