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Top 10 Features of the Apple iPhone 6S Smartphone



The Cupertino giant has unveiled the latest smartphones iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at the ‘Hey Siri’ event held in San Fransico. As rumors suggested, Apple has announced the latest iPhone 6S with lot many upgrades, both in terms of software and hardware. Though there are many new features when compared with last year’s iPhone 6, here are our top 10 loved features on the Apple iPhone 6S.

3D Touch

Apple iPhone 6S 3D Touch

Apple has introduced the Multi-Touch option for the first time with the launch of 1st Generation iPhone and at the ‘Hey Siri’ event, Apple came up with a new technology called ‘3D Touch’. It works in the same way as the Force Touch use in the 12-inch New Macbook. The sensors used in the display can measure the pressure of the touch you applied. When you tap on any app icon, you can get the app opened directly and when applied with more pressure you get few more options. For example when long tap on any address link to view the map above the current app and when pressed with even more pressure it will be opened in the Apple Maps. You can return to the previous screen by removing the finger.

4K Video Recording

Apple iPhone 6S 4K VideoApart from the 3D Touch display, the other major improvement is its camera department. The iSight camera on the iPhone 6S is upgraded from 8MP to a 12MP sensor. Now the iPhone 6S can record videos in full 4K resolution while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are limited to just Full HD resolution. You can also directly edit the video using iMovie and upload the 4K content to Youtube with a few taps.

A9 Processor

Apple iPhone 6S A9 Processor

To improve the performance of the iPhone 6S, Apple has unveiled the all-new A9 chip that is an upgraded version of last year’s A8. This new 3rd Gen 64-bit CPU is 70% faster than the A8’s CPU, whereas the GPU performs almost 90% faster when compared with the performance of the A8 GPU. The A9 chip comes with transistor architecture that can optimize the performance of the device in real-time. It also comes equipped with M9 motion processor that optimizes the battery drain even for listening ‘Hey Siri’ commands all the time.

2nd Gen Touch ID

Apple iPhone 6S Touch ID

With more and moe smartphones are coming with fingerprint sensors, Apple went ahead to develop the 2nd Generation Touch ID. As per the company, the new Touch ID on the iPhone 6s can recognize the finger in just half time of what it takes on the iPhone 6. With the Apple Pay to be launched later this month, you can use the Touch ID to authenticate purchases in just a few seconds. Even you can make in-store purchases without turning on the display, all you need to do is to scan the finger without waking the device.

iOS 9

Apple iPhone 6S iOS 9

The Apple iPhone 6S is the first device to launch with the all new iOS 9. This new OS has been unveiled at the Apple’s WWDC held in June. For the first time, the company introduced battery saving option called ‘Low Power Mode‘ that can provide additional three hours of usage. The transit information is what been missing on the Apple maps for many years, but that is now solved with iOS 9 where you can get the information of the train station, bus stop, and others. Until now you might not have seen the lower case alphabets on the Apple keyboard even you are typing in lower letters. This has been changed in the iOS 9 which make alphabets look in lower letters when your typing in lower letters and when used the Shift Key, then they turn into Capital letters. Read More

Aluminum Body

Apple iPhone 6S Aluminum Body

Image Source: Unbox Therapy

We all have seen the bendable iPhones when the larger iPhone 6 Plus was launched last year. Apple has taken a lot of care to make the latest iPhone’s a bit stronger. As per the reports, the iPhone 6S will sport an anodized 7000 series Alumium body that makes the devices stronger and also the display comes protected with an Ion-strengthened glass. The same 7000 series Aluminum is used for the making the body of Apple Watch. The anodized layer on the iPhone 6S body helps against corrosion. Since a lot of care has been taken by the company, we hope not to see any bend-gate issues for the latest iPhones.

Hey Siri

Apple iPhone 6S Hey Siri

The ‘Hey Siri’ for iOS works same as the ‘Ok Google’ works on Android. The device listens all the time for this commands even if you are not on the home screen. It eliminates the holding down the power home button for using voice assistant on iOS 8. While the Hey Siri function is available for all the time on iPhone 6S, the earlier launched iPhones can use this function when the device is being charged. You can ask anything from opening an app or writing emails. You can also teach the Siri how to pronounce your name correctly by saying “Hey Siri, learn to pronounce my name.”

New Colour

Apple iPhone 6S Colors

Apple has introduced a new color to the iPhone 6 line-up after many years. The Gold color was announced with iPhone 5S that was launched in 2013. Now with the launch of the iPhone 6S, the company has added a new Rose Gold color to the existing Silver, Space Gray, and Gold colors.

Live Photos

Apple iPhone 6S Live Images

With the Live Photos, Apple brings the a unique camera feature that can visualize the still images, this is same feature HTC unveiled few years ago called as HTC Zoe. When capturing a Live Photos, the device records few moments before and after the Photo been clicked along with the sound and moments. These Live Photos can also set as lock screen, to relive the best moments when unlocking the screen. You can watch the small moments by just clicking anywhere on the Photos.

Retina Flash

The 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera on the iPhone 6 is upgraded to a 5MP camera on the iPhone 6s. It lets you click better selfies and surprisingly it is also accompanied by ‘Retina Flash.’ Though the front-facing flash will not be an LED flash, instead the display become brighter to give more light. The color of the display adjusts according to the color of the walls in the room, and the screen will also flash with 3X more brightness than the maximum brightness used while using the device normally. The company promises to give better selfies in low-light conditions using the Retina Flash.



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