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T-Mobile Extends Free Unlimited LTE Data on Roaming till 31st December 2016



T-Mobile, the leading mobile carrier in the United States has been known for its aggressive moves all thanks to the efforts of CEO & President, John Legere. Now one such bold move has been announced today by the company for its users traveling to European and South American countries.

Earlier this summer the third largest mobile carrier in the United States offered free LTE data in Brazil for its customers who attended the Olympics or were traveling to the country. It was then later extended to the Paralympics as well. Around that time, there was a similar offer for those who were traveling to some European countries.

With games being finished, it’s customers thought that they won’t be able to enjoy free KTE data roaming anymore. But wait for the surprise as the company has announced that it has extended the offer to the 31st December 2016. On top of that have added several more countries in South America.

Below are the countries where you can expect to be charged none at all for your data usage if you have a T-Mobile SIM on your handset.

European Destinations

Armenia, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom

South American Destinations

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Easter Island, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela

Though, do make a note that this offer commences from October 1st. So, don’t get all warmed up on your current data just yet. Additionally, the texting has been made free in these countries, which is a part of the Simple Global program.

If you didn’t know, Simple Global is a program by T-Mobile for its customers who step out of the country often and looking for affordable rates to communication. Unlimited 2G and texts are supported under this scheme, while calls would still be at $0.20 per minute.

This T-Mobile offer seems to be the most convenient way to get unlimited data with having to get confused in the each country’s offer and data plans. If you’re a traveler and live in the United States and doesn’t have a T-Mobile SIM, well, then you definitely needs to improve on your choices. Go get it.


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