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This Woman Tried to Smuggle 102 iPhones Strapped to her Body and Got Arrested



Apple iPhones aren’t any new for the smugglers and we have seen many of them being caught at the airports. Last week, a woman in China was arressted by the customs officials in Shenzhen when she tried to smuggle Apple iPhones and luxury Tissot watches. The market price variation is the main reason for the smuggling of smartphones. The iPhones are actually cheaper in Hong Kong when compared to the Mainland China. While we also saw smuggling of smartphones from other brands, the iPhones fetch more profit when compared to others.

According to XMNN, the Shenzhen customs officials normally see smugglers carrying 70-80 iPhones and now, the woman holds the record for trying to smuggle most numbers of iPhones at a time. She was carrying a total of 102 iPhones and 15 Tissot watches. The customs officials noticed that she was wearing many layers of clothes even in the hot weather and then put her through the metal detector. Only then, they found the huge chunk of metal objects. All the 102 iPhones are wrapped around her body in four layers.

Instead of the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the woman was actually smuggling last-gen iPhones. Last month, the Chinese police have arrested 20 Apple distributors for selling the customers data for a whopping $7 million. Apart from the smuggled Apple devices, the Chinese market is also filled with a number of counterfeit products. Even there are also fake Apple stores which look exactly same as the original store.



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