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This Screen Protector Kills Bacteria on your Smartphone Screen



How often do you clean your phone? If the answer is anything apart from “Frequently” then I would like to share a little information before we talk about the screen protector that kills bacteria on the smartphone. According to a few pieces of research, a touch phone has about 25,000 germs every square inch and even a public toilet is considered to be cleaner than our phones.

Well, apart from scaring you, let me detail you about this screen protector from Otterbox called the Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial. The company has partnered with Corning to develop the EPA registered antimicrobial technology and bought in the Amplify Glass which now features proprietary anti-microbial technology that suppresses the growth of many common stains and smell causing bacteria.

OtterBox’s CEO Jim Parke has explained in a release that this technology protects the surface of the screen protector and also reportedly offers up to five-times greater scratch resistance than standard soda-lime glass. Furthermore, the screen protectors will be compatible with Otterbox’s selection of cases as well as the latest iPhones when they come to the market in the future.

Our phones do get dirty while we are playing outdoor or while we use in public transport or even when you keep it on any surface. This might not be visible to our naked eyes but there is a lot of bacteria around us which can lead to many infections. How clean is your smartphone? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 and comment in the section below. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.


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