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This is the first Working Under Display Selfie Camera Smartphone made by OPPO



The front-facing camera on smartphones started as a camera for video calls/conferences and now has become an evolution in the world of selfies. All the major OEM makers out there like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, Xiaomi and others have been continually improving their front-facing camera technologies. As for the deployment on the device is concerned, each OEM maker has a unique approach. While Apple and the Essential Phone had brought the notch for the selfie camera placement, makers like Samsung and Huawei had adopted a punch-hole display for the front-facing camera. Brands like OPPO and Vivo and the recent addition – the OnePlus have set their selfie cameras tucked away on the top, which pop-ups whenever required.

While all this struggle is to achieve a full-screen display on the front, without any notch distraction, the pop-up technology has been promising until today but not an ideal solution. Well, OPPO seems to have cracked it and might be the only Android OEM maker to bring the – ‘Under Display Selfie Camera’ technology, for now. OPPO has showcased its new notch-less smartphone screen experience with the new under display selfie camera. The Twitter post, which the company has showcased shows us a prototype-looking device that features a selfie camera under the display almost hidden under the screen.

What’s impressive with the new under display camera sensor is it doesn’t show up on other apps or on the UI, for that matter – except when the camera is opened for clicking a selfie. Going by the video shared it kind of resembles like an optical in-display fingerprint sensor, which shows up whenever required. The video further reveals where the selfie camera is precisely placed by covering it with a finger, which is also a standard placement i.e., on the center of the display where a conventional camera is put usually.

It’s exciting to wait and watch on how future smartphones would like with this new under display selfie camera tech wherein OPPO would be the first OEM to make it. There’s isn’t any timeline, or on what upcoming smartphone from OPPO this technology would venture in and bear in mind, this appears to still in the prototype stage, and all we can do is wait, as stated earlier. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting update.


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